U.S. 40 years of hiding the truth about the lunar landing

For 40 years, the U.S. government has kept secret the data that actually found the American astronauts who landed on the moon, according to RIA Novosti. According to the former head of the photo department of the lunar laboratory NASA Ken Johnston, he has the pictures to prove that on the lunar surface have been found some "ancient ruins of artificial origin" and the discovery of previously unknown technique gravity control.

According to Johnston, led photo service was ordered to destroy all the photos of objects found on the moon, but it is in violation of an order secretly kept a few pictures that will be released on Tuesday at a press conference in Washington. As released on the eve press conference report states that on October 23 Johnston was removed from public program participants Laboratory for the Study of NASA's Jet Propulsion to promote space research and that this exclusion is due to the fact that Johnston told about secretly saved his lunar photographs authors of the new book " Dark Mission — The Secret History of NASA ».

Along with Johnston at the press conference was made by one of the authors of this book, a former NASA consultant and well-known in the U.S. popularizer of various "cosmic mysteries" Richard Hoagland. Hoagland and Johnston also intend to present documents to prove that, in their opinion, contrary to the generally accepted ideas about the nature of the civil NASA chief U.S. space agency is in fact a disguised "the U.S. defense department," with the right, without the control of the Congress to classify important information science and technical.

According to Hoagland, U.S. astronauts could secretly deliver from the Moon to Earth samples of "very advanced technology" and it is because of these technologies leading countries after nearly 30 years of decreasing interest in the moon now again be involved in a new race to the moon.

"Thanks to amazing technological breakthroughs that according to our data NASA did on the moon during the program" Apollo ", delivered to Earth and then kept secret for a generation, this new race will be the outcome, which, in contrast to the first (space) race between the U.S. and the USSR for political prestige 50 years ago, will determine the fate of every human being on Earth, "- said in a statement Hoagland, who in the years of the" Apollo "is also a scientific advisor broadcaster CBS.

Hoagland and Johnston did not rule out that the U.S. is now deliberately boost the U.S. launch of "shuttle" to turn this program early in 2010 and to move to new spacecraft, Constellation, which will allow NASA to land on the moon, given that Russia has also announced plans to send astronauts to the moon by 2025 and build a lunar base.

"Where is the international attention to the lunar program of the 21st century, after over 30 years, the moon completely ignored? Might be the "Apollo" found on the Moon "something" very important, as NASA has forgotten to tell us? "- Said in a press conference.

Hoagland is coauthor of the 550-page book, "Dark Mission — The Secret History of NASA», which states that, along with the moon finds the U.S. space agency to hide some other secrets, including, for example, the discovery in 1976 unmanned vehicle "Viking" microbes on the surface of Mars .

At the same time, a different co-author of the book — a consultant on aerospace engineering technologies Michael Bara in a separate press release acknowledges that known in the U.S. and abroad, an expert on space and science journalist James Oberg NBC television criticized Johnston's assertions about saved them from destruction lunar photographs. In his message to the disturbed Laboratory for the Study of Jet Propulsion Oberg Johnston described the statements of NASA «crazy allegations."

Bara claims that at a press conference at the National Press Club Johnston presented documents proving his claims.

None of the officials in the U.S. approval Johnston its retention of lunar photographs had no immediate comment.

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