U.S. Army Special Forces

U.S. Army Special Forces
Americans have always held their own special units the best fighters in the world. As this statement is quite difficult to answer correctly. And it is not only by the fact that most of the special forces operations openly advertised, and because they do not sufficiently clear to whom about what special units are part of the U.S. armed forces.

After the operation to destroy bin Laden America never ceases to admire his Navy SEALs and other special purpose entities. But while American citizens are proud of and admire the commandos, the cost of financing Special Operations Command (short — CSR) is constantly growing due to shrinking budgets of other branches of the armed forces of the country. Tremendous pace and replenished the ranks of fighters CSR — at the moment there are about 70 thousand people.

September 11 destroyed in the brains of people confidence to the army and security services in time to destroy the terrorist danger that became destabilizing factors in the modern world. Response to the September terrorist attack resulted in a substantial increase in funding CSR — from $ 3.5 billion. with $ 10.5 billion. South American military doctrine also endured some configurations — the emphasis is made on the transition to a strategy of local operations performed by elite units.

Can not agree with Rezonit U.S. military professionals, it does not matter what kind of military operation with the role of a huge number of fighter is much more expensive than sending in the required time and place perfectly cooked squad of fighters. For example, in the operation to destroy the head of the terrorist Osama bin Laden was involved a small group of commandos and the success of its implementation significantly raised the political rating of Washington in the eyes of other countries, and some, such as Pakistan, and scared.

Not counting SEAL, greenish Berets and Marine snipers in the forces of CSR also includes other, more important, special purpose units.

And to judge the ability of the U.S. to ensure their safety, keep the political and economic interests of the country, to remove the danger to citizens and property located abroad should be aware of special units that can do virtually any, orders the military command and the U.S. Government.

If previously the pirates can be read in books or see the «fortune hunters» in the movies, in the last decade revived sea robbery caused no little damage to many world countries, including the United States. Many States had to take measures to protect their ships from pirates act. Formation of U.S. Navy units to combat pirates came in response to acts of sea robbers. The U.S. Navy had formed a special unit of the best fighters to equip them with high-speed boats and bring to catch pirates.

Every soldier of the unit has the necessary level of determination and anger, in order to give a valid rebuff sea thugs. Although the account is not COUNTER squad not so little combat operations, they were able to take its rightful place among the other teams special U.S. units.

In their actions they use methods and strategies SEAL during assault operations, can make defense and security because it makes snipers and infantrymen own opportunity to perform air support (the team has pilots).

In addition, the pirates are not afraid to operate in close proximity to the shoreline in many countries. In this regard, the United States joined the ranks of CSR Groups to combat piracy obey the command of the Coast Guard Coast Guard operational teams. All the men of this group have abilities tactical operations on the water. In order of mandatory they are trained at the Joint Naval Training Center (North Carolina), which is the base of the East Coast Marines. Special Forces soldiers Coast Guard are part of the group when a frisky response danger supplies through seaports guns, drugs, and terrorist acts. All employees of this group possess knowledge of maritime legislation, methods of warfare terrorism, abilities and contraband detection, search and rescue on the waters, trained scuba diving, Canine (explosives detection), anti-sabotage, strategies of combat and search operations.

Currently, the fight against terrorism is the most important aspect of each security of the global states. To reinforce actions in this direction are trained special forces combat. So, counterterrorism unit of the U.S. Navy is not superelitarnym. In the main part of their own, there are ordinary infantrymen. But, despite this, they are faced with certain combat tasks to deploy and support the embassies and diplomatic missions of the United States. Marines are trained to monitor the territory, providing physical security, to fight in urban criteria have close combat strategy and various martial arts.

Great respect is a country that bother about their own spices (and civilian and military), had gotten into trouble abroad or behind the front line. And you have to give tribute to this issue of the U.S. Army, which has in its composition unit to rescue the pilots.

Division rescue pilots USAF operates normally in the enemy’s rear or directly behind the front line. Requires a lot of experience and professionalism to inconspicuously for the enemy to infiltrate enemy terrain to rescue people, including downed pilots. Among commandos rescue units fighters pilots not very perceptible, as their main job is not fighting the attack, and covert penetration and salvation. But even such a «quiet operation» implies ownership abilities that need to confront the armed forces of the enemy, maybe even significantly superior number of fighters rescue team. Soldiers rescue squad can conduct effective guerrilla warfare to set traps and use the strategy of small battles, exhausting the enemy. Staff team to rescue Air Force pilots have trained in parachuting, scuba diving, have abilities orienteering and survival methods can provide professional medical care, etc.

It is believed that intelligence existed since the onset of military clashes. Maybe hidden service appeared about 33 centuries ago. Smart commander tries to apply a strategic cunning, deceiving the enemy. But it needs to know as much as possible about the enemy — and here comes to the aid of intelligence, espionage.

The essence of intelligence activities is now that time and in full, to receive and analyze the likely internal and external dangers to society and the state, to take appropriate measures to prevent and destroy these threats. CIA is one of the main components in the structure of U.S. intelligence community. The CIA has its own secret Special Operations Division of the CIA. Unit has a small staff — just a few hundred employees. The task team is to solve the problem and controversial problems. In squad recruit experienced fighters from the ranks of greenish berets, SEAL, «Delta» and the Military Intelligence Service. Secret Special Operations Division operates in 3 directions. 1st — overland. There are experienced professionals in the industry intelligence, strategy and strategy of warfare, how to free the hostages. 2nd — sea, and the third — the air. Specialists of these detachments are opytneyshemi servicemen previously served in the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

Not many people know the U.S. Special Forces CSR — a division of the U.S. Air Force weather forecasting «evokes» not very severe attitude — think of meteorologists! But in reality, the team is able to influence the final battle and contribute to the destruction of a huge number of enemy fighter one sharp blow. Weather forecasting unit consists of small groups of highly qualified professionals who are engaged not only weather forecasting, and organize shelling, air operations also produce techno ground support to the armed forces. It offers specialist forecasters 300 Fri, scattered throughout the world, and provided with the most modern equipment and facilities. Flight units military meteorologists have in their possession a good aircraft. Excellent service uses the information from meteorological satellites. South American meteorologists cooperate with similar units of NATO member countries.

In 2010, the Spanish air traffic controllers on strike. Their places to resolve the situation took a military air traffic controllers. And it became clear that military personnel are highly qualified managers spices, capable of taking on responsibility in the most critical moments. As part of CSR is also a division of the U.S. military air traffic controllers. These spices rightfully occupy a leading position in the midst of the military elite U.S. forces. They are listed as a separate independent unit, like the Maritime Intelligence. Military air traffic controllers are not only able to do the functions of air traffic controllers, but often act as professionals dilemmas penetration behind enemy lines and advisors battle groups, providing air support and coordination of the entire course of the operation. Their duty also comes to planning the bombing and air raids. There is a perception that specifically military air traffic controllers played a decisive role in the Libyan revolution. Specialists of this elite unit have abilities in combat orientation criteria, participate in courses of military controllers and tactical skills training courses, pass parachute training and learning snorkeling.

In modern warfare and military conflicts frontline intelligence value is difficult to overestimate. Because Navy U.S. can not do without a special tactical unit of the U.S. Navy intelligence. In numbers it is small — only 200 people. When conducting operations on land, the commander of the detachment of marines obeys, and when acting on the water — the commander of the Navy. Because of such «dual» subordination, division often gets very «delicate» task. Highest level of preparation inherent intelligence frontline fighters because they deservedly put in one rank with the Navy SEALs. Here is just a small list of disciplines which are trained frontline scouts scuba diving courses, rescue, survival and counter. Soldiers enrolled in Air War College, School Ranger School training operational units, intelligence and school courses orienteering.

Illustrious Marines comes in the U.S. Navy. Its primary purpose — to be a shock force in maritime operations. In puzzles Marines capture comes foreshore and port facilities, naval bases enemy ships, as islands and peninsulas. Marines can storm from the air (paratroopers), and with water. Marines also produce coastal protection and other facilities, including ports and naval bases.

Long these marine commandos were warships, maintaining the ship’s crew in combat, reconnaissance and combat made raids on the coastal strip, to maintain order on the ship, protecting against possible riots command team. Currently, a squad of marines United States Navy consists of 200 thousand people.

In regulation training Marines comes working out quite specific abilities associated with the role in the so-called «triblock war.» The essence of this «war» — the role of the U.S. armed forces in crisis situations that arise in any region of the world.

In the first phase of military units involved in humanitarian actions and peacekeeping missions. If the situation would not because the plan «peacekeepers», they were embarking on direct military operations. Here and start acting fighters Marines who are trained counterinsurgency operations and oppression of mass demonstrations, have the ability to conduct operations in a wooded area, in communities and urban Fri criteria. Marines are personal and antisnayperskuyu sniper training. During the peacekeeping mission in Somalia South American Marines were killed over hundreds of people who were considered a hindrance Marines American mission.

Soldiers marines trained to chase and harass over time whole battalions of the enemy. Marines may well monitor the main objectives for the army groups and engages in tactical operations conducted by the command. Soldiers marines rightly listed as the most valuable division of the U.S. Navy.

Marines Battle Snipers are experts in identifying the policy objectives, the ability to conduct visual observation, scout the terrain and the possibility of covert penetration of the countryside and the enemy, of course, are all opytneyshemi snipers.

Very often Seals specifically turn to them for help in difficult situations. Martial snipers always ready to carry out a rescue operation own comrades of failure.

South American marine snipers left about yourself «indelible memory» in the liquidation of the riots on. Haiti. Marine Sniper can be a scout observer, artillery spotter and air gunner, but still the main responsibility of a sniper is shooting at the enemy sighting. Value is given, followed by Target: officers, scouts, guides dogs, artillery and mortar calculations, observers and monitoring devices, snipers, personnel and equipment radar troops, members of the crews of tanks, armored personnel carriers, command post vehicles. Acts snipers are designed to provide support to the Marine Corps, leading a clear fire at the enemy from a great distance.

One of the most recognizable units CSR USA — Navy SEALs are participating in air and ground military operations. They specialize in sabotage and intelligence operations. «Seals» are capable of acting in all criteria, but the fighters are also divers and beautiful and excellent work in water. Usually, they are involved in this case requires painstaking investigation and immediate action. Their slogan — «The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday» («The only easy day was yesterday»).

SEAL units are divided into 8 teams: 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 and 10. Soldiers, showing excellent results in the service, have the opportunity to increase their skills at the Naval Special School, take further courses of physical fitness. ;

Team 6 fur seals designed to run «rough» work. It is called «Rainbow 6» («Rainbow»), as the insignia of team members have different colors — reddish, gold, silver, blue. For example, a grayish color means that the soldier is in the pits detachment.

She obeys specific CSR management and the President. Task Force detachment is considered a special purpose and makes three objectives:
— First — the fight against terrorism. On account of the order of the counterterrorist operation in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern countries. Often, the team produces proactive counterterrorism actions.
— 2nd — bodyguard principal persons. For example, the soldiers provided security to Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the first period of his reign.
— 3rd — special reconnaissance. The team consists of cooked snipers. Soldiers are trained for intelligence work, as the implementation of surveillance and intelligence gathering of information.

«Navy SEALs» with units of the «Delta» and the Rangers took part in operations in Somalia, the invasion of Panama, a military conflict in the Persian Gulf, Iraq, etc.

And although the Navy SEALs, are, in most cases, on land, it would be weird, if it was not for professional conduct of hostilities under water. And such a combat unit in the structure of SEAL is — Amphibious Marine Corps reconnaissance unit. This command is associated with the Reconnaissance Battalion Marines. During operations they act with intelligence and other units of the U.S. Navy. The main objectives of this military unit are: conducting reconnaissance coastlines incarnation hydrographic reconnaissance waters study of protective equipment shorelines in places landing troops. In 1950, the amphibious battalion was involved in carrying out the preparatory operations in Korea. The success of this operation saved the lives of many people and to enable, in the upcoming, more operational planning.

In the organizational structure of the division of the U.S. Navy and has units that have special functions. For example, the Marine Corps to restore and adjust fire ANGLICO. This group of special purpose is always in the shadow of their own more of favorite colleagues — for example, such as seals. But this does not make the least unsafe for the enemy. Soldiers of Special Forces specialize in hover and adjusting fire not only artillery, and at least some of the attacks BBC. Their effectiveness depends on a combat operation. Usually, fighters ANGLICO work in small groups consisting of the following professionals: managing groups, usually an experienced naval officer, supervising and spotter, radioman, scout and assistant guidance.

Marine Corps fighters involved in the rescue operation. To reinforce this trend in the structure of the body has a tactical squad hostage rescue and protection of objects. The main task division — protection of naval bases, including those that store nuclear weapon. Soldiers tactical squad certainly take courses in explosives and snipers have close combat abilities. They are perfectly capable of attacking protected objects, freeing hostages and returning objects to U.S. ownership. In the firing squad strictly assigned roles: there are so called, destroyers, spices penetration, arrows, spices to conduct close combat snipers.

Elite elite units in the midst of the South American special forces — special operations group («Delta»). The best of the best in the midst of the most special forces. Even fighters celebrated SEAL dream to serve in this group. Unofficially commando group called Delta. Soldiers of the unit are always on the first turn at least some operations. Their professionalism is so great that many associate with the Delta commandos of living gods. Their job does not go join the enemy in open confrontation, like sea lions, but they are able to do mission and that can not afford to fulfill other groups of special forces. In «Delta» has three divisions — A, B and C. Units are divided into small groups of 4 or 5 people. Any group practiced on a certain type of operations: mountains, sea, air, etc. During operations soldiers have a large degree of freedom and autonomy can be in plain clothes, get used to the terrain and try not to lure to attract attention. The structure of «Delta» there are so called «Funny Platoon» (The Funny Platoon), whose goal is inconspicuous penetration of enemy terrain shortly before the operation.

Soldiers of «Delta» participated in all counterterrorism operations conducted by the U.S. in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. During the war with Iraq fighters «Delta» produced guidance on the important U.S. missiles Iraqi facilities. They say exactly what «Delta» first planted in 2001 in Afghanistan.

Twice a year, the group passed the selection sabotage operations. Test the strength to pass only the best special forces, including SEAL. Applicants must strictly fulfill the allotted time NIGHT MODE 18-mile march to throw a 35-pound satchel over his shoulder, walking on rough terrain 40-mile route with a heavy load and naturally withstand tough mental test. According to the results of tests on the physical, mental and intellectual training, the subjects enrolled in the detachment.

Special Forces «Green Berets» well known, even outside the United States, an elite unit of special purpose. The first «Green Berets» was a voluntary brigade, made in 1942 and trained strategy of stealth combat. Later it was called the «Devil’s Brigade.» In 1952 the unit was substantially reformed. The main purpose unit was conducting counterinsurgency and guerrilla war in any region of the earth. That’s when the green beret became an attribute of the unit. In a memorandum on this headdress saying that he is «a symbol of advantages, badge of courage, a distinctive mark in the fight for freedom.» Greenish Berets visited almost all corners of the globe: mountain roads of Afghanistan, Korea and Vietnam, in Kuwait and Iraq ….

Recruits come here of the most popular parts of the military, for example such as the airborne troops. Principal fighters «Green Berets» open road in riot «Delta», Navy SEALs and Marine Corps.

With so many elite groups for special purposes, you must also have a highly trained troops to support the operations of elite special forces units. And this role make squads Rangers, formerly called «black berets». But in 2001, when the U.S. Army berets were introduced everywhere, headpiece ranger changed color — became a sand color. Rangers follow the rule of mandatory — never throw comrades. Headquartered Ranger Corps located at Fort Benning (Ga.).

Many young people dream to transform into real fighters, becoming a Ranger. The main task of the special forces — keep subversive intelligence activities. As light infantry troops Airborne, they are able to operate on the cutting edge at least some attacks and maintain their actions such groups as «Delta» and others. Rangers have parachute training, have abilities snorkeling, take courses on methods of survival and provision of medical care, are able to navigate the heavy criteria and at least some areas, have martial arts and combat strategy, knows several languages.

CSR U.S. units have become an integral part of the armed forces of America. And specifically on their strength, professionalism and unique military capabilities expects Washington to form its military concept that will unleash America hands and will allow you to spend more money, so the dates now for the restructuring of the American economy.

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