U.S. found people with an innate ability to feel a lie




A striking phenomenon revealed by scientists from the United States — as it turns out, there are people among us who are able to accurately determine a person is lying or not. This work at the University of San Francisco are already interested in the respective security departments of major banks and companies, as well as special services.

During the experiments, the researchers found that a small number of people — 0,002 per cent of the world's population — have an incredible ability to "feel" a lie. However, their level of performance surpasses the most advanced lie detectors, which are now widely used by secret services and even the courts.

Polygraph or lie detector is able to detect whether a person is cheating or not with a confidence level of 70 percent. In people with an innate gift for "lzhevideniyu", this percentage is higher for American researchers, ITAR-TASS reported.

It is not yet clear how they define cheating man or not. It is possible that this is done as by facial expression, gestures, general behavior and characteristics related to the subconscious.

In this case, having given people the ability to determine a person is lying or not, as in dealing with human beings, and on videos.

Battery News, 18/10/2004 12:15
Source: NEWSru.com

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