U.S. Navy sent combat laser in the Persian Gulf

U.S. Navy sent combat laser in the Persian Gulf
U.S. Navy wants to mount an experimental laser system for amphibious transport dock «Ponce» type «Austin», reports The Wall Street Journal. This ship comes in the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy, whose area of ​​responsibility is the western part of the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf. Laser gun with a price of 40 million dollars, will be used to destroy lung Iranian boats and unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the military, the gun fails to work perfectly with the weather criteria in the Persian Gulf.

As reported by Jane’s, laser gun will be installed on board the «Ponce» first in 2014. Previously, the gun was mounted on a destroyer «Dewey» type «Arleigh Burke.» In August and September 2012 assumed the role of an instrument in the trials, during which failed to hit three UAVs. Later laser gun also fired several boats on target. In total gun struck 12 goals in 12. According to the military, the price of the 1st shot gun was a buck.

Development of a laser gun for the Navy, received the designation LaWS, conducted in the United States since 2007. Weapons used in solid-state laser. It is not capable of hitting targets at great distances, but applies to defeat small aircraft at low and medium distances. In addition, LaWS can be applied to blind optical surveillance drones and ships. In the current time on the laser system works on her preparations for the long-term service in the marine criteria.

Currently, the U.S. is developing several projects combat lasers that can be used to destroy land, sea and air targets for explosive devices and their next of liquidation, dazzling optical surveillance military equipment. Namely, the implementation of such projects concern engaged in the South American Boeing, as the company Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman.

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