U.S. President will assist the Syrian rebels

U.S. President will assist the Syrian rebels
U.S. President Barack Obama has decided to provide military assistance to the Syrian opposition, said the deputy president of the South American adviser on national security Ben Rhodes, reports «Interfax».
«The president has decided to provide more meaningful assistance to the opposition. It will be a direct aid to the High Military Council (the opposition Syrian Free Army — approx.). It will include military aid «, — he said.

B.Rods together so did not specify what will become of themselves represent this assistance.

He said: «Our intelligence community has caused that the Assad regime used chemical weapon, including nerve gas sarin, during the year a couple of times in the minor scales against the opposition.»

According to him, eventually killing 100 to 150 people.

«The President stated that the use of chemical weapons will change its evaluation (the situation in Syria — approx.), And it happened,» — identified B.Rods.

He recalled that Obama has previously stated that the use of chemical weapons would be for the U.S. «red line.»

At the same time, the views of the U.S. government, there is no evidence of chemical weapons introduction of opposition forces.

Bureaucrat said that the U.S. wants to start delivering specific tools of the Syrian opposition, but noted that Obama «will consult with Congress on these issues in the coming weeks.»

B.Rods also said that the U.S. has provided RF acquired data on the use of government troops to Syria chemical weapons, but «Russia did not agree with the fact that Assad must go.»

Meanwhile, as reported by the BBC BBC, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham urged President Obama to support the Syrian opposition and begin deliveries of weapons to the rebels.

They also noted that the United States should join the world community and to launch military actions against Air Force Syria.

«We need (to supply the opposition -» IF «) languid arms, such that can withstand tanks missiles as» ground-air «to take care of the air space,» — said John McCain.

Obama welcomed the decision on military assistance to Syrian opposition, John McCain once expressed fear that she would not be a supply of specific tools, and limited provision of auxiliary materials and equipment.

He also Senator Graham in a joint statement highlighted: «Target President» red line «overstepped. The agenda of a day or reliability of the U.S.. «

«Now is not the time for gradual steps, it’s time for more decisive action,» — said in a statement.

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