U.S. special forces to get a new weapon system HM25 «PUNISHER»

U.S. special forces to get a new weapon system HM25

Weapon of the future, which will allow the South American special forces soldiers to shoot through walls, can come into service very recently. Despite the fact that the test result was wounded soldier.

Pentagon ready had spent 69 million dollars on the purchase of 1,400 such complexes, called for firing at targets located in the woods. The rifle was designated HM25 «Punisher» «The Punisher». This will allow soldiers to conduct fire on the enemy, which, for example, hid in a trench or standing behind a wall. Specially designed laser range finders and software will allow fighter accurately find the distance to the target. After doing all the calculations done manual adjustment in flight, in order to grenade exploded behind an obstacle specifically in the place where it is needed.

Company engaged in the creation of systems of ATK in Arlington, Virginia. America’s armed forces are planning to purchase approximately 10,000 units of guns. During target practice, one of the systems has exploded and wounded a soldier with all this, then option was decided to finish the tests. After examination it was found that the explosion was not prerequisites faithful feed sequence that caused the misfire grenades and blast the other grenades.

In the current time passes HM25 series of additional tests encompassing security, it should assist to identify possible other faults.

U.S. special forces to get a new weapon system HM25

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