UFO filmed by HAARP or action meteorological radar?

Yesterday, on his website dedicated to UFO Scott Waring unveiled a really weird pictures. He claims that the March 4, 2013, with online meteorological radar recorded a huge UFO over a territory of Australia or the action set HAARP

This image is an unidentified aircraft or a circle may also arisen because of the impact on the territory of the installation HAARP.

This is a fantastic video, recorded weather radar over Australia. This has happened before, and it is good that someone was considerate enough to discover this fact and to put an image to the public on Youtube. Now UFO researchers all over the world got new stuff to learn. Image shows we might giant mothership in the area closest to the ocean, and he is moving to Australia. UFO surrounded by a cloud of gas or mass, but it is so great that the weather radar was able to fix it. The object appears and disappears, because hiding UFO element varies in phase for 3 second cycle.



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