UFO go under the water …

While studying the cases of collision earthlings with alien flying objects, scientists often forget that most of the surface of our planet with you occupy waters. Three-quarters of the entire area of land that is covered with water, is much more difficult to learn.

As for the routes of ships, they are usually strictly predetermined and very rarely violated. There are many areas under water, which are generally not explored by man. In view of all the above-described mixing a few crews to meet them with UFOs represent an extraordinary value. Moreover, such events necessarily recorded in special registers.

Just out of the window of the ship can be seen as a "flying saucer" passes from the atmosphere of the underwater space. To date, several cases of the meeting of extraterrestrial flying objects with the ships.

For example, in 1848, two luminous flying object seen from aboard the Dutch ship "Hey, Ginny." According to information from the crew, one of the objects glowed with colored lights, while the other was dark.

In 1066, the North Atlantic observed three unidentified flying machine, which disappeared under the water in front of the astonished crew of the ship "St. Andrew".

Nowadays, these phenomena have been observed in the ocean several times.

Thanks to scientific and technical progress, the opportunity to observe the movement of "flying saucers" in the water. For example, at the end of the last century near the destroyer "Blackburn", which at that time ranged the Indian Ocean, there were some glowing alien flying machines.

With the help of powerful sonar managed to capture their movement, even under water. Surprisingly, the UFO does not stop even the huge glaciers. Not long ago, a huge flying object cracked thick Leda and took off right in front of the icebreaker. Most often, deep-sea diving UFO captured off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Science has proven that the speed of movement of the "flying saucer" under water is much higher than the rate at which the moving average statistical vessel. In the logbook of one of the Argentine courts were discovered information about a strange object glittering length of about 30 meters, which went around the ship several times, and then disappeared in an unknown direction.

Many captains of Soviet vessels are also known cases of meetings with UFOs. For example, in 1965 the crew of the Soviet "Rainbow" had the opportunity to watch the waters of the Red Sea and a huge ball flew at an altitude of about one hundred meters hovered, shining its lights maritime space.

Repeatedly met with alien visitors and submarines. But, unfortunately, because of the ban on the declassification of submarines, scientists are not able to investigate such cases.

There are reports that one of the underwater vessels patrolling the vast calm ocean with the help of radar found in the immediate vicinity of the six unidentified objects. Strange machines began to pursue the submarine, and the captain was forced to raise the boat to the water surface in order to break away from uninvited guests. When eyeliner surfaced, all six UFOs flew out of the water and disappeared.

Today, at a majority of the ocean plume installed passive sonar that capture the appearance of not classifiable flying objects. Bodies of air and sea Defense repeatedly found unidentified vehicles off Florida, near the island of Puerto Rico, as well as in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. UFO moving at a speed of about two hundred miles per hour, and it's four times more than the rate of the best American submarines. Besides depth unidentified objects is not available any submarine.

There are cases where the alien flying machines have been mistaken for enemy ships. But as soon as the team surrendered on their Destruction, all search engines the ship went down. There are rumors that the elusive submarines, which are so plagued by Swiss ships — is nothing short of unidentified flying objects.

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