UFO pictures from the past.

It is impossible not to recognize the fact that UFO observing humanity for a very long time. Plus proof of that is that in the ancient paintings of famous and not so artists were depicted Unidentified flying objects, ie UFO …

These images are treated as a divine phenomenon of people. It's no secret that in all religions of the world god descend from heaven in Greek mythology — from Olympus, and the Egyptian — from the Sun. It is therefore not surprising that the paintings depicted on ancient heavenly signs scientists, theologians and priests are called by different names: the flying eye of God, vehicles of the gods or the phenomenon of divine light. Some believe that the artists were trying to convey such natural phenomena. We will refrain from their own interpretations, but let your imagination and make your own conclusions.

One of the most famous images of UFOs is ancient fresco from the monastery in Kosovo.

Domenico Ghirlandaio. "Madonna with Saint John», XV century. Over the shoulder of the Madonna in the sky shows a mysterious object

In the monastery of Visoki Decani directly above the altar is a fresco of "The Crucifixion", it refers to about 1350.

In the left and right upper corners of the artwork clearly shows two flying objects, which are humanoid creatures.

And on the canvas Florentine artist Sandro Botticelli's "Mystic Christmas" 1501 (original Italian name Nativit mistica) painted hut, over which the angels soar with olive branches in their hands.
Looking closely, we see that angels are circling around some flying object. It is clear that ufologists call this "something" flying saucer.

Dutch artist Arent de Gelder painted "The Baptism of the Lord» (The Baptising of Christ) in 1710.

It depicts John the Baptist with Jesus kneeling, enveloped in the powerful rays emanating from the spacecraft coming down from heaven.

Often in the literature, and now the Internet, referred to the famous painting "Madonna with Saint John» (The Madonna with Saint Giovannino), dating from the fifteenth century and is attributed to the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio.

In this picture to the right of the Madonna is depicted object resembling a flying saucer, which is broken into many small particles.

Carlo Crivelli on his canvas "Annunciation" in 1486 (The Annunciation, with Saint Emidius) also depicted a flying object that is at a right angle, as in the painting "Madonna with St. Giovanni."

Were mentioned artists witnesses mysterious celestial phenomena or the knowledge passed on to them through the generations, we can only guess. But in the churches and monasteries of different countries, in different parts of our planet, numerous icons of unidentified flying objects.

Do not participate in the works of darkness

The Orthodox Church does not recognize the existence of UFOs. Priests are called rumors about flying saucers demonic deceit, deception. Thus alleged devil, the enemy of the human race, is trying to turn people away from Christ, the only true Savior. Carried away by spiritualism, magic, the occult, and now the idea of extraterrestrial life, the man, according to the Fathers of the Church, moving away from God.

"We are steadily approaching the time when the wide open field for many false miracles to bring to ruin those poor children carnal sophistry to be tempted and seduced by these miracles," — wrote the great saint of the XIX century Ignatius (Bryanchaninov).

More information can be found in the article by Archimandrite Tikhon "Do not participate in the works of darkness" in the Candlemas calendar. There are wonderful books priesthood Seraphim (Rose) "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future" and "UFOs in the light of the Orthodox faith." It tells about the UFO phenomenon from the point of view of orthodoxy.

The denial of extraterrestrial manifestations on Earth

So why is the official religion and science do not recognize what seems obvious to millions of people? Why do politicians and the Church deny the existence of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and continue to claim that humanity is only looking for a space brothers in mind? Why the same way as in ordinary life, humanity was divided into two camps: one is convinced alien impact on our world, and someone thinks it's nothing more than a newspaper duck?

Scientists have considered and the psychological side of the issue.

There is a version that belief in UFOs — no more than a desire to join our psyche to something common, supramental and all-powerful.
The famous psychologist Carl Jung in the last century said that people see objects in the sky, but they can not identify "material if it is weightless body or mind."

World to believe in UFOs, so as not to fall into despair, do not be afraid of the unpredictable future natural and man-made disasters. Superstition, visions, fantasies peculiar personality when it loses its internal harmony. In this state, there is a need of the soul to go into the sphere of illusions.

In his article "UFOs as a subject of rumor" Jung gives an interesting example: "In the variety of rumors were akin to the psychological phenomenon of great panic broke out in New Jersey before the outbreak of the Second World War, when radio play of HG Wells story about a Martian invasion of New New York now has caused an exodus of numerous traffic accidents. Obviously, this transfer has affected the hidden feelings of the audience related to the imminent threat of war. "

The first information about the UFO came to this country in the last century in America. At first it was thought that people who have seen "plates" were different mental imbalance — whether the pilots of aircraft or ordinary peasants who worked on their gardens. In the press got random details and basic information was kept secret. The first research centers to collect information about the UFO also appeared in America. There was a science concerned with the analysis of the reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects.

To believe or not to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life forms — everyone decides for himself. But, choosing which of the camps to join a good idea to look at the old icons with mysterious images, very reminiscent of a UFO …



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