UFOs were built for the U.S. intelligence services?

More and more of the world appears on the origin of UFO. Particularly interesting version in which unidentified flying objects are created by the people. According to some sources such objects manufactured in America, at the request of the special services, for defensive purposes …

Dr. Bruce M. in his treatise "UFO and the FBI," says the first "real" American "plates" appeared in the late 40's. They consisted of one or more membranes, which impacted the pulse magnets. Taken together, looked like a spinning top, which is at rest might have been inverted plate.

We test models of the membrane is often not withstand vibration, and this has led to accidents. In July 1947, the U.S. Air Force Capt. Jesse Marcell picked up on the field at Roswell scraps "elastic foil," which were actually fragments of the membrane. Thus was born the famous Rozuellovskom rumors about the incident. The collapse did occur only in the role of "space ship" acted built on secret technology "plate" with electrokinetic engine, which after the disaster, of course, tried to hide from prying eyes.

But why the authorities did not try to dispel the myth of alien origin of the objects, and even implicitly condoned the spread of "dezy?" It's simple — most of the "saucers" was intended to illegally cross borders and air space to engage in exploration.

Apparatus for pulsed electromagnets were so heavy that the Americans had to deliver them to their destination on submarines. Hence the numerous "crashes" UFO out of the water. In subsequent generations, the body was made of piezoelectric ceramics, and vibration is achieved due to the piezoelectric effect. The new machines have not already form of plates and balls, ellipsoids, and other three-dimensional figures. During the flight, surrounded by a cloud of ionized gas — that's you and a mysterious glow …

In the early 1930s, a young German aircraft Irman Mayer developed a scheme of the aircraft, the appearance of which resembles an inverted bowl, which was located in the center of the ring screw. "Plate" contains a sufficient number of pieces of equipment, while its well-defended Cabin is located inside the military equipment from possible enemy attacks.

In 1942-1943 construction Mayer tested at the site in Peenemunde. Prisoners of the nearby concentration camp told later that he had repeatedly seen the "flying pancake"-like upturned bowl. In the center of the disk is a transparent cockpit. The furnace is operated by turbojet engines and a top speed of about 700 kilometers per hour. One of the survivors of the camp inmates have personally seen the September 43rd this disc because of the strong winds flipped in the air, fell, caught fire and exploded. Technology was still very imperfect …

The spring of 1945, Nazi Germany was defeated. Leaders of the SS ordered the destruction of all documents on secret aircraft technologies and shoot designers. However, the time to escape. Though not for long — soon the Soviet command captures them in captivity. A team of engineers led by Meyer sat out in the wine cellar "Deulivag" on the outskirts of Berlin. She discovered and taken out in full force in the USSR. So there was a special design office at number 08. Soviet authorities also need the "advanced military technology."

Do prisoners engineers had no other choice but to start working on an enemy power. They managed to outdo themselves — soon came to light a giant disc-shaped object with a diameter of about 25 meters. On top of it sticking out the pilot's tower, it was equipped with radar and cannon turrets …

In the 70 years of the last century magazine "Technology of Youth" published an article in which it was told about using electrical impulses to clear ice from the wings of IL-86. Continue to build and "plates", but that ordinary citizens, of course, have been reported. A few years ago, Krasnoyarsk researcher Paul Poluyan managed to collect materials about such developments. He came to the conclusion that almost all unidentified aircraft anthropogenic origin such as "drive with windows" are quite worldly secret weapon.



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