Ukraine to investigate the cause of mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea

To determine the cause of the mass death of dolphins in the Black Sea in the Ukraine, a special commission. Last weekend at the seaside Kinburn Spit wave threw six dead dolphins. Three of them were found shot and wounded.

Experts do not exclude that in the fishing nets hit a flock of dolphins, which shot to rescue gear.

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine stressed that the investigation of the causes of death of dolphins Representatives from the international public organization "The Black Sea Council for Marine Mammals."

In case of violations of environmental legislation relevant material will give Attorney General's Office, according to ITAR-TASS.

The Black Sea is one of the most maloobitaemyh seas on earth. However, the Black Sea dolphins inhabit three (toothed whales). The largest bottlenose or bottlenose. Bottlenose dolphins — the most frequent inhabitant dolphinariums and oceanarium. Dolphins less — common dolphin, the smallest of the Black Sea dolphin — Porpoise (pyhtun, harbor porpoises, distemper).

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