Ukrainian expert: oil transit policy was

The fact that the transportation of Venezuelan oil through Ukraine moved from the political to the economic framework, said the president of the Kyiv International Energy Club Alexander Tadyychuk at a press conference on the signing of the Belarusian-Ukrainian agreement on oil transit through Ukraine.

On He said, Minsk has long been drawn to Kiev with a request to "create the conditions for pumping oil through the pipeline, as the pipeline — cheaper and much more powerful form of transportation. Belarus sees already in 2015 the increase in transport to their plants up to 8-9 million tons of oil. "

According to experts, the Ukrainian railway transport such oil volumes are not able to at the very strong desire.

"That's why they ask: if not now proceed, we need to create a clear timetable to adopt a mutual commitment to the use of (pipeline)" Odessa — Brody "for oil supplies. But, again, this issue moved into the framework of the political, and then took the position of Ukraine expectations. Our railroad until it received from only a small piece of bread, "- said the expert.

As reported by UNIAN, Ukraine has the technical capability to receive oil in the Black Sea ports and transport it down the rail to Belarus even with the increase in the future.

According to the agreements between the presidents of Belarus and Venezuela Minsk plans to purchase in 2011 of 10 million tons of oil. In This year, he bought from Caracas 4,000,000 tons.

Venezuelan oil arrives in the port of Odessa tankers, and from there delivered to the Oil Refinery by rail through Ukraine.


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