Ukrainian experts: oil cooperation with Minsk — a promising

Ukrainian experts believe very promising for Kiev cooperation with Belarus in the transit of Venezuelan oil. In their view, the development of co-operation, in particular, the use of the Odessa-Brody pipeline, prevents the reluctance of the new Ukrainian authorities to spoil relations with Moscow.

According to Ukrainian economic online edition, despite the fact that arrived in Odessa is the fourth tanker to Caracas, and the agreement between Kiev and Minsk on transportation fuel was concluded on July 12, the text of the document is still under wraps.

Meanwhile director of energy programs of the Kiev Center, "Nomos" Michael Potter mocks such secrecy. "This is complete nonsense, as the inter-state agreement can not be closed." According to the analyst, the fact that the content of the agreements do not sound indicates only one thing: the document is not much different from any document. Gonchar said that Ukraine, apparently, has not decided to go for those steps which it has declined Belarusian side. Otherwise it would have been steps towards conflict with Moscow. The new Ukrainian government, according to the expert, does not want to take risks, and so the use of Ukrainian pipelines for crude oil deliveries to Belarus from alternative sources.

At the tea as some analysts have questioned the issue of Latin American oil refining margins at Belarusian refineries, calling the project exclusively political, Gonchar confident in the other. He notes that the agreement Lukashenko and Chavez regarding the special price of Venezuelan oil to Minsk able to do quite a mutually beneficial partnership. Especially, if the parties fail to gain a foothold in the European markets and there really deliver high-quality petroleum products.

Benefits for Ukraine, Gonchar, here is obvious. After all, the supply of Russian oil via the Odessa-Brody have a "tendency to steady reduction. And one of the two branches of the oil pipeline" Druzhba ", which connects the highway Odessa-Brody pipeline to Belarus Mozyr, where the refinery is also practically not loaded due to reduced pumping Russian oil. "

With Mikhail Gonchar agrees and the other Ukrainian analyst, president of the Kyiv International energaklyubu Alexander Tadyychuk. He notes that Minsk has successfully developed not only oil production in Venezuela, but also in Iran. And that Iranian officials have already declared its readiness to sell oil in Belarus over the one it produces in them. Tadyychuk convinced that "Ukraine can be an ideal transit for Iranian oil to Belarus, one need only take a quick look at the map."

Tadyychuk, however, warned that if Kiev today does not take up the implementation of projects of alternative transit routes for oil in a couple of years as a result of Russian politics may even lose their value petrotransport country.

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