No flaws in the oscillations about the upcoming programs from the creation of the Russian fighter fifth generation T-50 PAKFA writes AINonline September 20. These difficulties are readily major subsystems of the aircraft, delays in the transfer of the aircraft into service, also plans to cover a part of R & D at the expense of programs from partner — India.

NIIP design bureau typically is a provider of radars for fighter «Su» and developed a radar with active phased N050. «The results of flight tests of the radar on board the 1st of 4 prototype T-50 is very impressive,» says analyst familiar with applets. Yet radar is boxed product assembly. «In real time, the production base for the serial production of the radar N050 does not exist. Transceiver modules (APMs) are performed on a military enterprise «Source» to a limited extent, which makes radar immensely high price, «he says.

Manually performed composite aircraft panel. Composites were developed for aerobatic aircraft «Sukhoi».

Engine fifth-generation, which will be equipped with a later version of the T-50, as in the past have in the main paper, they say specialists engine-building industry of. Mock-117C engines installed of «Saturn», which are equipped Su-35. First serial party T-50 will be equipped these engines.

It is very unclear what configurations without making the T-50 will own low telltale signs. Latin American experts who spoke to AINonline, believe that in its present form in the plane has some qualities of «excessively higher radar and infrared signature.»

Another factor is that which programm T-50 will be cost effective if India will acquire more than 250 aircraft, will also participate in research and development. But India is planning to buy only half of this amount. Sources in the Indian Ministry of Defense said that India can not afford to purchase yourself a T-50 and the French fighter Rafale. If the situation becomes «either — or» role in the program T-50 may be withdrawn in favor of the Rafale, because India wants to avoid placing «all your eggs in one basket Russian.»

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