Under construction on the plant in Dagestan Gotsatlinskaya delivered water intake valves

For Gotsatlinskoy plant, which is being built on the river Avar Koisu in Dagestan, produced water intake hydromechanical equipment — repair and emergency gate.

The gates are designed to cut the access of water to the hydraulic units station for repairs or emergency situations.

Design Gotsatlinskoy plant provides the water supply to the building from the water intake plant on the vertical shaft, and further construction and operational tunnel, branching into two water main in front of hydro turbines. In addition to the closures, hydromechanical equipment includes receiving water intake screen and a special mechanism for the extraction of floating debris — grapple. Repair gate weighing 98 tons and trash screens are raised and lowered by means of a special gantry crane.

In order to improve the safety of hydroelectric considering the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station in the working draft Gotsatlinskoy plant was amended to ensure reliable operation of the equipment in emergency situations. In particular, the maneuvering of the emergency gate weight of 238 tonnes is produced using a special rope mechanism to ensure complete closure of the gate in less than 2 minutes. Shutter control can be done either remotely from a central control station and from the local console, located at the intake. To ensure security of energy supply gate drive to the crest of the dam will be installed stand-alone source of power supply with automatic start.

Currently, the construction of the power plant continues Gotsatlinskoy concrete work in the building station, trench weir maintenance discharge and water intake, is finishing the approach tunnel number 3 to the tunnel spillway. In the near future is expected to supply a second rotor wheel, on which deliveries of large equipment are completed.

Construction Gotsatlinskoy plant with capacity of 100 MW and annual output of 350 million kWh is from January 2007. Organizer of construction — of "Sulak HydroCascade" — 100% subsidiary of JSC "RusHydro".

After the completion of the power plant will be the fourth Gotsatlinskaya in power to Dagestan. Putting it into operation will significantly reduce the shortage of electricity in the power of Dagestan, which more than a billion kWh per year.

Gotsatlinskoy hydro facilities include pebbly dirt dam 68 m high, shore power house with two types of hydraulic, water-supply path, the service spillway, outlet channel.

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