United States: a strange predator from Lake




In one of the Great Lakes (lake system on the border of the United States and Canada), caught a strange fish. The long body, a huge mouth full of teeth and jaws, similar to the snake — this being his whole appearance inspires threat.

Fisherman so surprised sovey production that appealed to the scientific community, laying the web for pictures of this fish. View was well known to science, and subsequent studies of the sample — a fisherman kept the fish and handed it to scientists — have confirmed their fears: the Great Lakes infiltrated northern snakehead.

This fish is very unusual for bodies of water in the United States, its birthplace — the Far East (China, Korea, and it occurs in the east of Russia). It is distinguished by the enormous voracity and can seriously disrupt the ecological balance of the Great Lakes, which are the largest in the world of natural freshwater. In the case of uncontrolled breeding snakehead is capable cleaned vyest all native fish species in these lakes.

In addition, the snakehead is capable of three days without water and overcome the small land area (eg bridges between the lakes), crawling over land by powerful fins.

Researchers found that about 2 years ago, a lover of exotic animals released a couple of these fish in one of the small bodies of water in the Great Lakes. Fish appear to have taken root and multiplied. Now scientists face a difficult task — to reduce their numbers, and even better — to destroy the population of all, without causing damage to the indigenous inhabitants of the lake.

Battery News, 19.10.2004 13:22
Source: NTR.ru

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