Unknown. On the verge of death

September 13, 2012 10:32

There is no place guesswork, but a serious scientific approach, good journalistic investigation and impartial monitoring underlie the new documentary series "Mystery." The main feature of the new documentary series — it's the people themselves, it is based on people's lives. How to be a wife, a shaman? Why successful theater critic goes to live in the Kazakh steppes? As it is, all my life to help other people and be surrounded by thousands of pilgrims? How to put up with a special gift — to treat people whose nature and yourself, then you can not explain?

As part of the documentary series "Mystery" will show a series of films about the senses. A lot about your body learns the viewer, and perhaps understand that just does not enjoy the fact that inherent nature. On the Apocalypse, who was horrified mankind is expected in December this year, is also preparing a series of films. An interesting series of signs of the zodiac, as well, waiting for the audience. You will learn the role that the date and place of birth plays in the lives of different people? As due to the location of stars, or, on the contrary, in spite of them, a person commits any acts?

What are we going to die? Before his eyes sweeping life? We can see the light at the end of the tunnel? Feel the infinite peace?
At all times and in all cultures, people have described this way. Is it possible to look beyond and come back to tell about what he saw?

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