Unprecedented heat in England

British escape from the heat at beachesThe scorching sun in most areas of the UK in the last few days has forced health officials to warn of extreme heat and remind safety rules that must be followed in this weather. The country seems to come abrupt climate change, the day the temperature rises to 33 ° C, it is even higher than in Miami and Barbados, and experts believe that the hot summer weather may persist for at least another five years.

Meanwhile, thermometers such hotspots Caribbean such as Miami and Florida, show only 29 ° C. But meteorologists also predicted heavy rain and thunderstorms in the coming days. Forecasters said that rapid climate change and the rise of temperature was caused by the "Spanish Train" — hot air, which flows surged to England from Spain.

The Met Office and the Department of Health made an emergency warning of the second level, recommending that young children, elderly and ill people to take extra precautions in order to overcome the heat, such as drinking more water and ensure its reserves, which must be stored in a cool place.

The temperature is expected to drop over the next few days, in connection with possible showers. Patrick Sashon, head of the Department of Health, said: "As long as the temperature in the daytime and nighttime periods may reach its upper limits. Combined with high humidity, it is a danger to vulnerable populations, including for people with hidden medical conditions. This year , due to the hot weather, a 60% increase in deaths among people over 75. " Also, farmers are concerned about the high temperature increases this year, which means a short season for lavender, but the rain can help it continue to grow until the end of July.

In many European countries this summer, also has high temperature. That's what doctors recommend to not overheat on those hot days: drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices, to spend more time in air-conditioned buildings (libraries, shopping centers, etc.), less in the sun, avoid physical activity outdoors.

Most Britons are now saved on the beaches.

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