Unsolved Mysteries Medveditskaia Ridge

"Multi-colored road", 2001, n2, pp. 11-13.

Let's the truth: most of us can live life quietly and correctly, as it should be. Home, work, family, television. But there are people who do not want a quiet, normal life. One — Vadim Chernobrov, already known to you on articles in our journals. It was he who invited me to the next expedition "for green men" on Medveditsky ridge.

It has long been rumors of a tunnel that ran under this valley, known whom and when built. Vadim thinks that the network of tunnels in the Volga region — is not nothing but a secret alien base, or, at worst, our domestic aircraft. During the Second World War, in 1942, the last entry was blown up, and no one knows the exact location of the tunnel. Entrance is in the nearest convent, but he laid a brick, and there are not allowed. Seismic instruments are powerless: the sound waves are like "go out" in a scientific way, this effect is called a "red line." So it is only dowsing, ie metal twigs or "bioramki" which in the hands of the operator "nod" or turning, bumping into the void. Marks made by dowsing exploration and placed in the valley, even to the point, as a string, the tunnel width of several meters. He stumbled twice on the oil industry, but the drill falling down or breaking down of the solid wall. On the technique has no money, so the members of the expedition "Kosmopoisk" for several years digging by hand, in different places. Sixth excavation produced in 2000, finally gave the result. In six meters from the surface of the diggers entered the tunnel, almost to the top scored with branches, leaves, and all that in the period of spring flooding drags along the water, filling all kinds of underground tunnels. The walls of the tunnel were made of a material that resembles old concrete that has become brittle from time to time.
Eyewitnesses said that in ancient times there were hidden robbers. It is known that in this tunnel and watch for the Red Army managed to throw grenades gang Beard. Still, they say, they used the Gypsies, leading horses from the surrounding villages.
So, along the tunnel and passes a line of ball lightning. Lightning — the mysterious creatures, lesser known … Or maybe it's not lightning? Local residents say quietly that not once seen a UFO different forms. One tractor, give us a lift on his lumbering iron horse plowed ahead through the field, said that the recent great fright: chasing after him a little pink trapeze flying object, then catching up, then falling behind. Another local resident in the garden, for no apparent reason there was a steep hole, which dropped a few logs, but the fall is not even the sound was heard. Generally in the camp and then looked guests with similar stories. No wonder: the annual expedition "Kosmopoisk 'attract such stories about how the slope of mad lightning draws its electrical girlfriends.
To me, though, as always unlucky. UFO at this time we have not seen, although the attendants all night awake, keep watch on the sky, and periodically raised the alarm camp. But the alarm is false. Night for the "object" is easy to take a distant car headlights or torch oil rig. Although, for many years the expedition was able to take pictures of three-star UFOs, as well as photographs disk-clouds that hang over the long one place, and sometimes that move against the wind. They say it's small plates are masked …

The triangular mark

Why, in fact, we were waiting for a UFO during those two weeks of our stay on the ridge Medveditskaia certainly will have an effect? First, when in 1997, approximately 500 cases analyzed three-star appearance of UFOs and mapped the trajectory of their movement, it was found that more than a third of all the trails intersect only at two points in the territory of the Soviet Union, and one of them — the area Medveditskaia ridge. And secondly, this is where they found traces.
Five kilometers from the camp in a cornfield there was a strange track. Then, eight years ago, it was a neat triangle with sides of 80 by 80 by 50 of meters, with clear signs of rectangular pillars 90 by 40 cm deep dents on tracks (8-12 cm) is possible to estimate the weight of the unit — where- then in the range of 50-100 tons. Devices within this triangular track broke, the batteries are discharged, the clock began to lie. What devices. Tractors, hard machining field every year, "glohli" and could not plow this site. So to this day it remains uncultivated, it grow sickly shrubs and trees. Interestingly, far from it there is another triangular island is overgrown with pine trees, the same size. And then — another, older. Maybe a long time ago, a few decades ago, also landed here, except that no one noticed or learned.
Inside the triangle Vadim advised not to go, and our group stopped at a respectable distance. Approach have not cared. But the three enthusiasts, armed with a device for measuring radiation, dare to go there. I must say that the device, as promised, has ceased to show anything, the numbers do not light up. A brave barely returned to the camp, broken, with a headache. About myself I can say that on the way back, I could not resist the desire to run a good half a mile, despite his young age, too, a long way and sizzling hot weather (30 degrees in the shade and in the sun, probably all 40). It is said that next to the triangle there are different areas — good and bad. I guess I got in a good and "charge."

Crossroads of Death

On the way to the triangle has an eerie place called by the locals "Crossroads of Death." For the city dweller accustomed to traffic jams on the roads, no traffic here is not observed, occasionally passes a tractor or combine. But almost always with him if broken. Even cyclists are not immune to accidents. Though the vehicle to make God forbid two or three times a day, at the crossroads of three people have died. Members of the expedition traveled here by car, and they brakes failed, twice, in that the other way.
We can assume this is a terrible coincidence, but a recent member of expeditions that took close to study the properties killer junction, three months after the trip was killed in a car accident.

Devil's Lair

This is a very strange place. Get at least that it is impossible to exactly plow the field. Every time Zapashny furrow made the most experienced tractor driver, the next day is a curve, like a viper. After visiting Den all clocks lag — from several minutes to several hours. It burned down under mysterious circumstances shepherd. He sat down to rest on the pile of hay and burned inside his clothes remained completely intact. Hay too! An autopsy showed that the maximum burn was in the area of the spine and internal organs, and the skin only charred. Explanation for this strange spontaneous combustion was never found. Until now, people around this place party, and, once there, you can wander around for a long time, as if you were the devil's nose leads.
Expedition 1998 went to the Devil's Den in the early morning. Vadim Chernobrov went ahead on a motorcycle. Long circled as Winnie the Pooh in broad daylight, until I found (in the light of the day, I repeat) polutorametrovy black obelisk just steps from the road. Followed him to the car people have not noticed it even stay in front. Turning, the car suddenly out of the blue fell into a huge hole — only rear hood helplessly stuck out of the ground. The pit has not been seen at arm's length. A six passengers was not injured in the collision. Once out, they finally saw the grave and terrible surprised.
This here is a nice place. And his nickname in the well-deserved, pah-pah! Silver MistBeautiful name, is not it? But after the stories about this strange phenomenon I have not cared to look at it with my own eyes. That's what told Va
dim Chernobrov a walk through knee-deep in a silver mist: "Something strange was in a fog. It completely ignored the wind and going of people, without forming any twists. Specifically I reached down and moved his hand over the" fog "- no reaction! The particles were moving like tea leaves in tea, or better to say — Brownian particles, but were not visible all the time, and flashed and disappeared like an oil suspended in silver glitter.
After a campaign by members of the expedition were burnt exposed parts of the body, as if they burned in the sun, even though it was in the middle of October. Watch all ran back, hands behind most of those who leaned closer to examine pieces of fog … "
It's not all the puzzles Medveditskaia ridge. For example, near the village ND construction workers accidentally dug up an ancient burial ground, where there were skeletons … Giants, people rise up to 2.5 meters, who lived here, perhaps, long before the new era. And on the other side of the river Dipper upstream, told radio engineer and local historian AA Gayvoronskiy, near the village of M. uncovered an ancient burial midgets, people rise 50-60 cm! Strange, very strange people lived here once …
You can talk a lot, but more interesting to listen to these stories around the campfire, from the mouth of witnesses. Every year brings a new discovery, a new victory over the unknown. The terrible secret of this place is fascinating, attracts. But it seems: my God, how it all away from our everyday worries and joys! So far away …

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