Unusual mythical properties of the effect of déjà vu

The effect of deja vu, one way or another, connected with the sphere of the subconscious, the study of which is the responsibility of the science of psychology. However, psychologists and there is no consensus in the explanation of the phenomenon.

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An American professor has put forward the theory that deja vu is forgotten and resurrected in our memory fragments of dreams. There is a false sense of recognition as an emotional reaction to a situation at a time when our attention is distracted for a short time and then comes back again. The father of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud has also paid a lot of attention deja vu. He considers the example of deja vu girl who first came to stay with his high school sweetheart in the village.

She knew in advance that one has a brother who is seriously ill. Seeing the garden and the house owners, she had the impression that this is where she visited earlier. And at the same moment thought of his brother, who was also sick. Once she suppressed those memories, because in her heart she wanted to remain a child all members of the family.

The situation is similar at a party at the moment, it revived a forgotten experience. That is the feeling of "already gone through" a kind of reminder of the secret fantasies of man. The signal that we touch something desirable while forbidden. At the end of XX century Dutch psychiatrist Hermann Sno hypothesized that every memory is stored in the human brain in the form of the similarity of the hologram. The amount of information accumulated in the course of life is too great, and the brain is not able to keep all the memories in full. Therefore, each compressed to a single small fragment.

When a person wants to get something from memory, he refers to this passage, from which the "unfolding" the full hologram memories. Clearly believed that the effect occurs in the case of déjà vu when any part of the situation experienced by nearly coincides with one of these fragments of memory and is stored in the mind of a vague picture of the hologram is really the last event occurred. In general psychiatry considers deja vu as normal if it is repeated too often. If a person experiences it regularly, then there is reason to think about their own health and to find out whether this is a consequence of a disease state.

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