Uralvagonzavod learn new welding machines

Each product is UralVagonZavod welding surfaces, and the more reliable the seam, the better the product. What is such an important impact on the outcome? Certainly, the skill of man and the hardware on which it runs. Under the re-equipment company in the department of frames and trusses (330) received and installed more than 50 welders American company «Lincoln Electric».

Jobs welders in the 330-m almost unrecognizable. Instead of operating your outdated equipment installed new age, modern, having the highest specifications. His bright colors to add a person to the everyday work of positive mood.

— The specialists commissioning services are already installed 25 pieces of equipment — said Ivan foreman 330 pigeons. — The complexity of the work that they have to perform over the weekend: the current production is difficult to mount. For the training of the staff is also in service commissioning.

Hard to make new items "settled down" bother teams shop frames and trusses, as well as department chief welder and Uralvagonzavod Institute of Technology. Of the four manufacturers of welding equipment after numerous experimental work has been chosen «Lincoln Electric». Engineers tech sector 10/330 picked up a welding apparatus console and the ventilation system of CJSC "SovPlym" that can remove the resulting smoke and dust, and clean the exhaust air from the particles of various contaminants as small as 0.1 micron.

— A project to install a new pipeline from the plant to 870 railway car assembly line on which to «Lincoln Electric» Carbon dioxide gas will be supplied to the required pressure — 0.5 atmosphere — said the deputy head for production preparation Valery Kislitsyn. — This allows you to use all the features of the new welding machines, reduce the consumption of welding wire and other materials to improve the quality of the weld and, very importantly, the working conditions of people.

Just shop frames and trusses used 120 semi-automatic welding. Near retooling touches 40% of the units. The first results of the qualitative work does not have to wait long. Welders say that were less likely to call the help desk set-up. Now they are asking colleagues to explain only some of the programs that are on the «Lincoln Electric» about 40, depending on the type of welding and welded surfaces. In recent years, more and more applications come from working on improving skill category. A guide units together with the department chief welder (40), in turn, will continue to implement a set of measures to increase productivity and improve the quality of the welding operations.

Catherine Evlashina

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