Urengoyskaya TPP (Yamal), the launch of a new power

Gosenergoholding Inter launched a new unit at a power plant in the Subpolar, ending one of the Soviet long-term construction — erection Urengoyskaya power plant, which is estimated at 24.5 billion rubles.

The company has commissioned a 450-megawatt unit at Urengoyskaya power plant in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, after which the plant capacity increased to 474 megawatts. Start a new power unit at Urengoi GRES helps address the problem of energy shortage in northern Tyumen Oblast.

Power plant is being built for the workers and comfortable accommodation in the village of Limbyayakha.

Dmitry Pronkin, Director of "Urengoyskoye of Capital Construction" Company "INTER RAO Engineering": "Typically, the station building in blue or red colors, such as Noyabr'sk. Here we just resorted to golden yellow to on snow background, it looked like the bright sun. Come winter, you'll see how beautiful this building shine. It can be seen even before turning to Limbyayakha. "

In permafrost for the first time by installation of this level. It is unique in including especially sensitive to the environment. If the gas turbine give out 300-400 degree heat, the boiler cycle allows you to convert most of the temperature in the extra power. And the water that station, taking away from the lake to the back, comes warm, but clean, this is followed by a chemical plant, veterans who pass experience for young professionals. The influx of new staff to the company — an indicator of its viability.

Urengoyskaya began to be built in 80-ies of the last century, but construction has been frozen in the mid-90s due to lack of funds. It was planned that the money for this and other projects of OGK-1 there in the course of selling government stake in the company to a private investor, along with the sale of other generating companies in the reform of the sector.

However, the buyer, guaranteeing the necessary investments in OGK-1, and was not found, and after the liquidation of RAO UES of state-owned stake in more than 60 percent was painted between the heirs of the holding — RusHydro and Federal, and later got control of Inter.

Energoholding found for Urengojskaya power plant in the state bank money and revive the project. Credit for the construction of the station, estimated at 24.5 billion rubles, VEB provided by purchasing additional shares in Inter RAO 2010 amounted to about 21 billion rubles.

Since July 2010, the station began construction, the general contractor has performed Tekhnopromexport.

The project is included in the power supply agreements that ensure timely construction and placement of the station in exchange for a return on investment.

Urengoyskaya station is located on the shore of the lake, 70 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle, in the permafrost.

OGK-1 this year has ceased to exist, joining together with other "daughter" Inter — WGC-3 — to the parent company.

Total Inter estimates the total investment program for 2011-2015 to 268 billion rubles, of which 200 billion going to the new construction of power plants of almost 6 gigawatts in the power supply contracts.

 Addition(For 2010):

Location — Tyumen Region, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, New Urengoy, Limbjajaha region. (66 ° 02? 05.97? s. sh. 78 ° 05? 01.85? in. etc.)

Structure — 15 units.

Urengoyskaya is the only one in YaNAO stationary thermal power plant.

The installed power capacity — 24 MW

Electricity generation — 174,470,000 kWh

Specific fuel consumption for electricity generation — 427.9 g / kWh

Installed thermal power (in turbo units) — 110 Gcal / h

Heat — 107.98 Gcal

Specific fuel consumption for heat supply — 155.8 kg / Gcal

Start-up — August 28, 1987

Construction Urengoyskaya TPP was launched in 1984, at the request of the USSR Council of Ministers. In 1990 — 1992 years. were built and launched two start-line backup CHP. In 1994, construction of the power plant Urengoyskaya was minimized and reopened in 2007 after a gradual change of ownership in 2005 — 2006. July 1, 2005 the station was spun off from OAO "TyumenEnergo" and October 1, 2006 is a branch of JSC "OGK-1". In July 2010, the station began construction, general contractors was JSC "Tekhnopromexport."

Director — Victor E. Lauber

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