Uruguay will license production Glock pistols

Uruguay will license production Glock pistols
Uruguay’s Defense Ministry signed with the Austrian company Glock contract to build self-loading pistols Glock 17 9mm, reports Jane’s. Amount of the transaction can not be confirmed, but it is clear that the basic agreement envisions Uruguay 1.5 thousand guns of the details that put the Austrian company.
As implied, after signed contract parties will conclude a new agreement for the creation of more Glock 17. At the same parts for guns will still be issued by the Uruguayan enterprises. First, new pistols will be delivered to the armed land forces of Uruguay, who wish to change the outdated Glock 17 Browning Hi-Power and Colt 1911. Later guns will come into service officers.
According to Jane’s, can not be excluded that produced in Uruguay pistols Glock 17 will be exported to the countries of the Southern African region.
Glock 17 made since 1982. Individuality is the lack of tools flag switch and trigger guard. This weapon takes the role of the trigger guard

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