Ust-Tegusskoe field (Tyumen region). Earned powerhouse APG


The new power plant capacity of 15 MW of electricity from the associated gas is running on the Ust-Tegusskoe field, the volume of capital investments in its construction amounted to about 700 million rubles.

Now the station operates in ispytaniya.kompaniya carries a large-scale program for the utilization of APG since 2009. In total, the mining assets of TNK-BP in Russia implemented more than 50 projects. The total investment in 2012 will amount to about 17 billion rubles.

Running a gas piston power plant (GPP), working on associated petroleum gas will significantly increase the efficiency of oil production at the center of development of the Eastern Uvat (AVRDC), which includes Urnenskoe and Ust-Tegusskoe fields with recoverable reserves of more than 100 million tons.

GPP in 2012, will take on the generation of 4.6 million m3 of associated gas, which will increase to 5% of the current level of utilization of associated petroleum gas at AVRDC, which continues actively drilling new wells.

TNK-BP to invest in the creation of its own generation facilities (including GPP) on the East Uvate about 7 billion rubles, which will bring the level of APG utilization to 95% in 2014.

"The launch of the new facility on Uvate own generation — it is the next step in the implementation of our strategy to increase the efficiency of energy assets — said the executive vice president of strategy and business development at TNK-BP Slobodin. — We will continue to work actively in this direction in the new projects, as well as in mature fields. This fully complies with the objectives of sustainable business development and minimize the impact of industrial activity on the environment. "

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