Uterine inertia

The weakness of labor.  Photo from www.sciencephoto.com

The weakness labor say when the battle with the passage of time does not increase, but weakens. The cervix is slowed down and delayed deliveries.


  • lack of preparedness of the body for childbirth;
  • transferred inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, abortion;
  • obesity;
  • various complications of pregnancy;
  • fatigue of women in childbirth.
  • Often compounded by the weakness of labor, which began after a long (several days), pain in the abdomen, accompanied by irregular contractions that lead to severe fatigue women (abnormal preliminary period).

Diagnosis and treatment

Identify weakness generic activities can be based on the study of the nature of labor, the results of the inspection — the lack of cervical cancer, according to the monitor and observe the force of contractions.

Treatment is carried out according to the identified causes. Mothers give rest, administered painkillers, sedatives and hypnotics. After a few hours of sleep in women usually develop a good birth activities.

If the generic activities does not increase, then intravenously administered drugs that increase uterine contractions (oxytocin, prostaglandins) — conducted stimulation generic activity. Administration of drugs is carried out against the background of anesthesia, epidural anesthesia often, and under the close supervision of the state moni fetus.

If several hours Birthing activities does not increase, then produce the caesarean section.

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