Utility companies threaten to turn off the hot water in the Babinichi

In the agro Babinichi that in Orsha district, about 130 people are owed for the hot water. Therefore, the company "Vorshatseplasetki" threatens to turn it off around the village, home to 4,000 people.

Local activist Fedor Mukhanaw spoke about the disposal of Orsha authorities aimed at Babinichskoy village council. According to him the villagers who do pay for utilities, must conduct "educational work" with the debtor and any way to make paying off debt.

Fedor Mukhanaw

At a special meeting of the village council with the Chairman of the Orsha District Council Stanislaus was Koshkin decision attached to the "education" of debtors and police structures directly concerned. "It was decided to schedule visits to non-paying residents of the village council deputies, along with the district and the representative of PMC" Vorshatseplasetki ", — Writes "Orsha newspaper."

Under the law, the utility may initiate legal proceedings against the debtor, emphasizes Mr. Mukhanaw. But they have no right to make others responsible for the debts of the whole village. However, this is threatened by four thousand local residents.

Debt PMC "Vorshatseplasetki" is 146 million rubles, and it is not formed in one year. After all, is endowed with a Babinichi 2008 agrotown status does not solve the main problems — unemployment and low wages in agriculture, says Fedor Mukhanaw.

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