Venezuelan oil for Belarus headed for Estonia

Belarus and Ukraine signed an intergovernmental agreement on measures to promote cooperation in the field of oil transportation through the territory of Ukraine to Belarus.

During the visit of the Belarusian delegation in Kiev focused on the issues of cooperation in the sphere of oil transit through the territory of Ukraine and the organization of deliveries of Belarusian oil products to Ukraine. Conditions of transportation of Venezuelan oil to Belarus were not disclosed.

According to the press secretary of the Belarusian government Oleksandr Tymoshenko Part of the agreement is a trade secret. A spokesman for First Deputy Prime Minister Andriy Klyuyev Artem Petrenko explained to the reporter of "Freedom" that we are most likely talking about the oil transportation by rail:

"Agreement on Measures for the development of cooperation in the field of oil transportation through the territory of Ukraine to Belarus signed the first deputy prime ministers of Belarus and Ukraine Vladimir Semashko and Andriy Klyuyev."

The representative of the "Belarusian Oil Company" Andrew Tit also did not comment on the agreement. He noted that Belarus and Venesuela set up a joint venture for the organization of oil supplies to Belarus. In it 25% — Belarusian part and 75% — Venezuelan. As for transportation via Ukraine, then there is no problem.

T.Manenok: Without guarantees of oil supply, agree to supply any aversnym the direction of the pipeline can not be

"We're through" Odessa — Brody "now is not working. We use rail transport. What will happen then, I do not know."

But why, then, another tanker with Venezuelan oil goes through the Estonian port of Muuga? According Tits consider all possible ways to diversify:

"I will say more: now there are two tankers to Odessa and one in Estonia. Why get hung up on just one route, where there is also a possibility and Estonia? Negotiations are underway with other ports in the Baltic countries. We have two factories. When through Ukraine, then Mozir closer Oil Refinery. Accordingly, "Naftan" through Ukraine on. But if through Estonia, the "Naftan" closer, and Mozyr further. "

Transportation via Ukraine is carried out on a "very reasonable terms, everything goes on as usual, on the basis of all the arrangements." However, "Now no one will say," how many Venezuelan oil from the planned 4 million tons is expected to deliver to Belarus through Ukraine.

L.Zlotnikov: Calculate the yield of the whole operation can not be

The Economic Observer newspaper "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok does not exclude that in the negotiations discussed the possibility of oil supplies through the pipeline "Odessa — Brody"

"But I do not think it will be soon, it will be faster than two years. Perhaps there is a mixed version of supplies. Several options are. But for now, with no guarantees of oil supply, agree to supply any aversnym the direction of the pipeline — and this is the cheapest option of supplies — it is simply impossible. Because rather an agreement on some combined version. "

Economist Leonid Zlotnikov skeptical about the prospects of the Venezuelan project. Regarding the use of the oil pipeline "Odessa — Brody" he said,

"There was a lot of information that Ukraine is ready to use the pipeline, but on the condition that will be pumped at least 10 million tons of oil. Only then it will be profitable. But so far no such thing".

Much oil transit through Ukraine by rail depends on the price of oil.

"If the price is 50-70% lower than the price of the world, we and the railroad also does no harm. All depends on the price of oil, but it's a big secret and no one will be. Because calculate the profitability of the whole operation is impossible. Maybe that will help Venesuela just the Belarusian regime. "


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