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December 17, 2011 7:20


Visiting the Louvre in 1872, writer Gleb Uspensky enthused: "There is more of everything and all the holy Venus de Milo. In it, the creature — only one human in the highest sense of the word. " Indeed, it was a statue of Venus asked modern standards and the proportion of female beauty.

Incredible legend

On the islands of the Aegean Sea is common following legend. Known at the time the sculptor
(Researchers still do not really know who) long searched for a woman who could serve as models being to create a statue of Venus. And I found — on the island of Milos lived extraordinarily beautiful girl. Sculptor went there, met her, and began to create a masterpiece … a crush on his nudes.
Love was mutual, and the first time it did not stop, and only helped to create the master stone cutter his goddess.
Finally the statue was almost ready, had the most difficult — hands. And here once again took their passion, the sculptor and his muse rushed into each other's arms, and the girl so much pressed her lover to her breast, he … choked. As a result, the sculpture remained without hands — they simply had no one to make.
Around the world, this statue is now known as the Venus de Milo.

French against the Turks

The place where the statue was found

The statue of Venus was discovered in 1820 on the island of Milos, a local peasant. Of course, he decided there and then to sell it. The news of the discovery reached the French embassy in Istanbul (Milos at the time was occupied by the Turks), and then got the idea to buy the statue and to present it as a gift to King Louis XVIII.
However, when they arrived on the island, there was already a Turkish ship, which was loaded into the hold of Venus. The French did not like it, and they with the Turks began a real fight. As a result, the subjects of the last Louis won, and went straight for the sculpture in Paris.
Things event seriously affected the relations between the two countries, and French diplomats had to work hard to somehow resolve. Turks were told that all the fault of the authorities Milos farmer paid for the find, and it is quite satisfied, and the rulers of the island were sincere sympathy on behalf of all of France on the obscene actions of Ottoman occupation. Venus is taking its place in the Louvre.

Where are the arms?

In 140 years of Turkish archaeologists asked the French authorities to return the statue. They argued that Venus was once hidden on the island by the Turks, that the farmer just found the cache and removed a sculpture for the sake of personal enrichment. And that they, archaeologists have evidence of his innocence, and it is — hands of Venus de Milo. So if the statue is returned, it will be presented to the world in all its pristine beauty.
French proudly refused the offer, and the case stalled. And among the inhabitants of Milos still wanders its own, local legend that somewhere in the cave on the island are still lying in the beautiful hands of the goddess …

Konstantin Fedorov

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