Vileisky online resource is accused of insulting and slandering

Decree number 60, which is regulated by July 1, the national segment of the Internet, clearly demonstrates the ambiguity of the declared "public concern" about the Belarusian internet users. During the first week only tested different ways of influencing the sites that could potentially fall into a number of "unreliable." Among the first targets — "Charter 97", "Vitebsk Courier" and regional resource

July 1, the day of the start of the new legal framework, the site of the "Charter 97", "decorated" the so-called "cap." Red on black reported: editor Natalia Radin is summoned to the prosecutor's office, the resource is charged with defamation, committed by the comments. Ms. Radin binds itself "point" pramatsvanne independent sites with the decree number 60. By the way, the responsibility for failure to comply document is not even defined, so close the site without explanation technically impossible.

A week at the popular regional site hanging similar "cap." Owners informed: the site stopped working after the start of two criminal cases "for libel and slander." While law enforcement agencies are looking for resource managers are encouraged to follow the latest news of the region through twitter. By the way, one of the first here wrote: "The Belarusian Internet in action! Half of the local sites do not open. All were driven in Belarus, and then — cut off."

In fact Vileika witness called the police Nicholas Wort. Because of the suspicion that he administers a site for examination took personal computer. A criminal case for defamation of directors Vileyka high school number 1, one of the commentators picture posted on the site, left a note in which law enforcement officers saw an insult to teachers. The second case concerned a libel in the comments on another teacher — Director Vileyka music school. Interested in Nicholas Wort: Is there sedition in the comments?

How do I read the investigators, there was no direct accusations that she is, or so …

"That is something serious, I do not think. How do I read the investigators, there was no direct accusations that she is or was. Just generalities, without any facts. Hardly possible to squeeze something — like, someone insulted her. So much for even a comment. also showed the material to which a criminal case. So there's just a picture, no one is not specifically mentioned — neither the director nor anyone else. And in the comments, someone picked up: behold, they say, so this is also the director! "

"According to the women started a business or police she took the initiative?"

"I was told that the two statements are written. But it did not specify exactly who wrote it. I do not rule out that maybe them and" asked "to write …"

Reporter: "You've been warned, when comes again what is wrong with your computer?"

"What about the computer said that a month and a half, maybe two months we will zatelefanuem, if something is known. As to whether I have called, did not say anything. So I am in this limbo: it seems as a witness, but the computer is taken away, then a suspicion that it was not all that witness. "

Night July 6 stopped working site of the newspaper "Vitebsk Courier." As amended convinced that blocking occurred in connection with the entry into force of Presidential Decree, as the site has not been registered. Meanwhile, the "Beltelekom" state: a contract for services terminated by the customer. The customer himself, however, did not confirm. July 12's resumed work at the new address

On the eve of the State Inspectorate for Telecommunications announced preliminary data on compulsory registration of Internet resources. According to authorities, all considered more than 23 thousand applications, of which have been registered about 16,000 sites. About 2 thousand applications are pending, and 7000 for various reasons rejected — because of the mismatch of information submitted to the existing forms, as well as … because of grammatical errors.

Recall that the registration should be completed more July 1, however, site owners have shown the importance of the proper moment inertnasts, and the procedure had to be extended indefinitely. When you consider that so far in the Belarusian sector, there were about 50,000 sites, talk about the hype with the transition to the Belarusian hosting still does not work.

After the termination of the registration of legalized all the information resources will be transferred to the Operational and Analytical Centre under the President. Sites without registration automatically will be outlawed.



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