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June 14, 2012 12:08

Scientists still can not explain what really happened in Fatima in April 1915 — deception, hallucination or a UFO. However, the Russian Orthodox Church in a different opinion
What is seen in the sky over Portugal — the phenomenon of the Virgin or a UFO?

The first meeting

In mid-October, Orthodox Christians celebrate the great feast of the Holy Virgin. According to legend, in 910 the day of the church in Constantinople Blachernae parishioners saw walking in the air, the Blessed Mother of God, illumined by the light of heaven, surrounded by a host of angels and saints. This is not the only case NEW ARTICLES people — even in the twentieth century, it at least three times down to the faithful from the heavens. But the most well-known phenomenon happened at the beginning of the last century in Portugal.

In April 1915, in the Portuguese town of Fatima, Lucia Santos eight-fingered rosary, at this point it was a translucent cloud with the human figure.

— It was like was wrapped in a sheet — later recalled Lucia. — There was no sign of the head, or arms. The following phenomenon happens only after a year, in spring 1916.

— We just started playing, when suddenly a strong gust of wind shook the trees and above the whiter light arose first snow — spoke grazing sheep cousins, Francisco and Lucia Santos, Jacinta Marta. — Approaching the light took the form of a young man a clear and radiant. He said: "Fear not, I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me. " He knelt on the ground, crouched low, and three times said, "Lord God, I believe, adore, I hope and I love you. I beg your apologies for all those who do not believe, no bows, no hope and do not love you. " Then he stood up and said, "Pray. Hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to your prayer. "

The boys have learned a prayer, but told no one about the meeting. A few months later the angel appeared again. And throughout the year saw a celestial being only these three children.

— Pray more, — he said. — In the hearts of Jesus and Mary have designs on your account. Continually applying to them the most fervent prayers and sacrifices. Offers everything that you have to sacrifice to our Lord, as a compensation for the sins by which he so badly hurt, and as a prayer for the conversion of sinners. This will bring peace to your country. I am the guardian angel of Portugal. And more than that — and carry humbly accept all the sufferings which the Lord be upon you.

Thirteenth May 1917 celestial being asked the children to come to the meeting place on the thirteenth of each month.

— In October, I'll tell you who I am and what I want from you — being added.

Witnesses more

A month later, at the appointed place they came, not only children, but also about fifty people from a nearby village. The children were at an oak on his knees and began to read prayers. Lucy said, "You told me to come today. What do you want me to do? "Everybody saw how Lucy got up and held out his hand, shouting," Here she is! "In the place where it points, it was evident just a white cloud, and a movement in the trees, the slope to the east .

A month later, the witnesses who came to the meeting place with the unknown, noted "a buzzing or humming, reducing solar heat and light, whitish cloud around the tree visions and powerful sound with the disappearance of the Virgin." Eighteen thousand people gathered around the tree, but the children did not come — village chief locked them in the house.

But all eighteen thousand saw in the clear sky appeared lightning over oak appeared luminous cloud. A few minutes later a cloud disappeared, and the clouds were crimson, red, pink, yellow, blue. Some even swore that he considered the glowing ball in the sky.

Later, when the children were released from house arrest, they noticed a glow in the center of which was a figure in white and gold robes. Being reported that on October 13 they will see "the lady" for the last time, and then she will reveal to them a miracle. September thirteenth miracle came to the place for thirty thousand people. At noon, the sun was less bright, and from the east began to descend a luminous ball, showered white "petals", disappears as it approaches the ground. Lucia asked miracle to draw unbelievers, but "the lady," said, "I will heal some, but not all, because God does not trust them."

Appointed date

Thirteenth of October in the suburbs of Fatima, despite the cold and suddenly fallen snow, Apple was nowhere to fall. In the afternoon immersed in prayer, people saw and felt the glow of the fragrance. Suddenly, the snow and the rain stopped, the clouds cleared. As promised, the creature called his name: "I am Madame with a clear" — and gave instructions to people to "live in a different, better, and ask forgiveness for their sins, and do not offend our Lord, because he had so much offended" . After that seventy thousand witnesses saw the sun was white and yellow, so dim that it was possible to look, turned into a silver disc. This disc was rotated around its axis, dropping all around colored light beams. Red rays of the sun broke through on the edge and colored clouds, the earth, trees, people, and then, alternating between each other — the rays purple, blue, yellow and other colors. Rained down from the sky "silver angel hair", melted on the ground. Only people with fear fell on his knees, he "rushed zigzags down to earth." Then drive back to the place again became intolerable blazing sun, and the clothes of all present was dry.

— It was very heavy rain — says witness this phenomenon Professor Almeida Garrett, of Coimbra University. — Suddenly a ray of sun broke through the thick clouds, and they all began to look in that direction … The object looked like a disk with a very clear outline. He shone bright, but not blinding. I do not get the impression, like some others, that the object was a dull silver. Rather, it is like changing color with pearl … The CD was like a well-polished metal object … I did not resort to the poetic hyperbole, because I saw with my own eyes … And the drive suddenly started to turn around, spinning faster and faster … Suddenly the crowd gave a cry of horror. Continuously rotating the "sun", changing color to blood red, stone rushed to the ground, threatening to crush all his terrible weight …

So depicted the phenomenon of "Our Lady of Fatima," October 13, 1917 witnesses. Very "Mary" saw only three children. The rest of the sky was observed in a strange drive.

Version, and the theory

Scientists could not explain what had really happened in Fatima. Too many witnesses who saw the miracles with their own eyes, brushed aside the story of the hoax and child fiction. But some people still dare to deny the divine nature of a miracle. Thus, the French-American scientist generalists — astronomer, astrophysicist, mathematician and programmer, businessman, ufologist and fiction writer — Jacques Vallee sure that in fact "the miracle of Fatima" blame the aliens.

— Famous vision at Fatima are striking historical example of religious coloration encounters with UFOs — Vallee wrote in his book "Cool World."

— The facts of the events is well known, but I'm willing to bet that the true nature of what was happening in 1917 near this small Portuguese town known to few. Fewer still, I think, know that a series of observations being, which took over the Virgin Mary, begun two years earlier by a number of classic UFO sightings. Author of "The Encyclopedia of miracles" Vladimir Mezentsev and do all saw Fatima miracles just an optical illusion, or more precisely, the dispersion of light.

Having studied one hundred eyewitness testimony, Professor of Portugal Fin d'Armada estimates that 78 percent of them felt or seen the sun like the sun, while 13 percent stated that the object was in the shape of a disc. Correspondent of O Seculo Avelino de Almeida wrote that he was "like a plate of dull silver."

Some of the people gathered at Fatima saw human figures next to the "sun" or inside it. Lucia also said during the official church survey that saw St. Joseph's to the left of the sun. However, in the interview, which gave Lucy a few days later, she said only that she had seen "a shape like the man next to the sun." Then she told the editor of the newspaper O Messaggero: «I do not clearly discerned, rather, it seemed to me that I see the face of a man and a child." Many years later, she went much further, saying that is not quite sure, but figures she created the impression that it is Joseph and baby Jesus. Whatever it was, the Roman Catholic Church officially recognized the "Fatima miracle."

— Events of this magnitude in the twentieth century was no more, — said the head of the Confederation of Catholic Bishops of Russia Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz. — Catholics recognize that sister Lucia in 1917 really was the Blessed Virgin Mary, to the mouth of the girl to warn the world. Virgin was the children six times. Witness the tens of thousands of people. Assume that they are a victim of fraud or hallucinations, serious.

However, the Russian Orthodox Church in a different opinion.

Came down from heaven ("Kuban news", Krasnodar Krai)
Vasili Baranov

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