Vladivostok mired in PoMo

As stated by the RIA "Data" in a number of management companies, recently presented a landfill solid waste management is not able to cope with the growing number of debris, and for certain categories of waste it is not adapted.

According to Deputy Director Anton Bibikova landfill, the company produces no waste disposal problem categories, such as construction waste, because it is not in their jurisdiction. To date, the new plant just installed crusher for large debris, it will be here until mid-September. In addition, according to Mr. Babikova, contrary to media statement last fall, landfill has not yet been put into operation, it still continues to function only in test mode. Launch in the coming months, and by November the company running at full capacity.

Representatives of management companies from the answer to the question of allowing the garbage problem shirk.

In LLC "Management Company of the Soviet Area" RIA "Date's" do not comment on the situation, but only referred to the fact that "everything has been normalized." Director of LLC "Management Company of the Soviet Area" Constantine Demakov, said debris is removed from the streets.

In addition, from August 19, 2011 closed for repairs old incinerator, which took part of the waste. Now all the waste being taken to a new city landfill.

The decision of the Government spelled out — bulky waste — a problem owner apartments, their removal for an additional fee. Previously, furniture and debris transported to the dump Ermine — where cabinets and sofas assorted inhabitants dump what was left — just burned. New equipment for waste recycling plant — crusher for bulky waste — will resolve the problem. While experts on recycling can only apply to residents of Vladivostok requesting less trash, at least on a grand scale.

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