Votes ravine

September 27, 2012 12:08

Votes ravine one of the most interesting places in Moscow, of course, belongs Kolomna, where once was located royal mansion.
Today it is a museum, and it includes not only buildings, but also the natural landscape, which is no less famous than the church tent XVII. It is here that nature keeps an old-time is much more ancient than the time of the king.

Among the many gardens, lawns, parks trails Kolomna is the main natural attractions votes ravine.

And once was not called at the time it is a natural formation, extending for hundreds of meters: the royal ravine, and horticultural creek, and even Veles ravine. That last name gives you access to the sources of the history of the ravine. First, it should be noted that it was produced, apparently, a very long time.

Of course, the exact time period is difficult to specify, but the structure and analysis of the soil structure and the substance contained evidence that the former fracture, crack (volcanic nature) stable slab of flat ground.

Tribes inhabiting this place (before the Slavs) left here many traces of their stay, which is confirmed by various finds made at different times by scientists. It was then, started to develop the mythology of Voice ravine, whose roots lie in a pagan culture.

According to many scientists, from the time saved and the two magic truly magical stone, the form of which is still many a surprise: it's like a lot of frozen rounded education, rising to each other.

Each stone has its own name. One of them — Devin, and the other — Gus. This, according to contemporaries, the characters of two principles — female and male. So often these stones people make wishes, ask for something or come here to cure the disease.

And, as is, stones, despite his advanced age, still have not lost their powerful energy and magical power.

But there is one attribute Voice ravine, which is no less famous and opens his series of mysteries and stories. It is a green mist. On the one hand, it would seem that the phenomenon is quite common, especially for the ravine, where the same is full of water sources (vivifying fontanelles). But in the voice ravine is not so simple.

Fog this is just related to unusual occurrences. First of all, there is plenty of evidence that people, for whatever reason, getting into the ravine, returning home, are surrounded by a green fog. But it does not end there. Next is all the most unusual.

So, in a voice a ravine on their stories, there are unseen creatures — monsters large, hairy and horrible, as if coming from another world, or dungeons. Here, apparently, you can find the real explanation: that the fog distorts the real
outlines of objects, all of which a person simply imagined.

But probably the most inexplicable connected with the disappearance of people in this ravine. And such cases are repeatedly and recorded a few centuries ago.

Places where people disappear suddenly, on the ground is not too small. But in the voice ravine people also appear from nowhere again, however, many years later. Where were they all this time are, difficult to explain. How to tell themselves, in another world, incomprehensible, unusual.

Currently, these stories did not happen. But the place is still not lost its power and ocharovaniya.Golosov ovrag.Da here you can see a very interesting offer of technical supervision.

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