Vytautas monument to the anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald will not

July 15 marked the 600th anniversary of the victory of Grunwald. As this date is celebrated in Belarus as an anniversary celebrated public and the government?

3 years ago intellectuals began to prepare for the anniversary of Grunwald. Was scheduled plan: academic conferences, art exhibitions and other events. Eighteen months ago, a national public committee for the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, which included scientists, artists, writers, priests. The organizing committee has taken the initiative to have appeared in Belarusian cities Vytautas street, the heroes of Battle of Grunwald.

Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee Mikola Kupava"5 Letters we wrote concerning the monument and the relatively giving the names of heroes of Battle of Grunwald streets, squares, avenues in the capital and other towns

This correspondence ended virtually nothing but state-owned formal replies

points. This correspondence ended virtually nothing but state-owned formal replies that our appeals forwarded tudystsi … Nothing Putney particular, we have not heard. "

There have been proposals to rename the avenue Dzerzhinsky Avenue Vitovt area Myasnikov or rename the Jubilee area in square characters Grunwald, a monument to Duke Vytautas the Great.

Mikola Kupava"Of course, a monument to one year or even two does not deliver, it's unreal. But this was our idea — to make a decision that will be a monument. None of this happened. If this is some ministers, dismiss it, they say, is not ours, it is a political matter … But we requested and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Culture, which would, in our opinion, to raise this issue in the government. "

Thus, the issue of renaming streets and the establishment of the monument to Vytautas remains open. In Minsk opened two art exhibitions — one at the museum Bogdanovich, the second — in the BPF, the round table. All this is done on a voluntary basis enthusiasts. In Poland, the celebration went 4 buses representatives of Belarusian knight clubs, historians and intellectuals.

In the celebration of the anniversary of Grunwald at the state level, the Ministry of Culture said:

"Similarly, I will not tell you. Because the most important measures have already been in Navahrudak. Maybe somewhere something is being done, but it needs to be clarified in our offices.

Two weeks ago in Navahrudak was a festival of medieval culture "Novogrudskiy Castle — 2010", which was attended by Minister of Culture Paul Latushko and the governor of Grodno Semyon Shapiro. The historian, Professor Anatoly Gritskevich opined to commemorate the participation of the state in general:

Prepared in Navahrudak celebration, but emphasize regional scale. Not even the regional.

"Prepared in Navahrudak celebration, but emphasize regional scale. Not even the regional. But didand. Release stamps, envelopes, as always happens in such cases. After all, it also provides the profit. But in general, the State is quite cautiously, very cautiously. "

Since July 15, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies will issue a stamp "600th anniversary of the victory of Grunwald". Artists — Anna Malasha andIvan Lukin.

Special programs have prepared state television: the first has already begun documentary series "Grunwald" — 5 series for 26 minutes. July 15 ONT will show a documentary about Grunwald from the "Countdown."


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