Want to change the destiny — take a second name

April 16, 2012 12:20

It has long been observed that the name somehow influences the nature and destiny of man. Some names give their owners the energy, drive, determination. Others — meekness, gentleness, shyness. The name can bring success, health and happiness to its owner, or vice versa — an obstacle to the implementation of plans.

Famous aliases

Is it possible to distinguish yourself from the crowd?

In studying this phenomenon, the researchers highlight the different concepts of science and history to intuitively esoteric. But so far there is no consensus on the reasons a communication mechanism between the name and destiny of man, is the name of the wearer. There is now a wealth of information on the correct choice of a name for the baby. Modern parents are responsible and careful approach to this important action, given the melodic sound, the meaning and other features of the name.
But what about those children and adults who already have a name? How it suits a person, and whether to change it? Typically, the name change in the event that it is discordant, or the person does not identify themselves with their name, or it is not appropriate, for example, under the stage image.

 In a world of many examples of people who changed their name or alias taking literally changed my life and became famous. Here is a list of the most famous nicknames: Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), George Sand (Aurora Dupin), Marilyn Monroe (Norma Baker), Leonid Cliffs (Lazarus Vaysbeyn), Elton John (Reginald Kenneth Dwight), Tina Turner (Anna Mae Bullock) Freddie Mercury (Farrokh Bulsara), Sting (Gordon Sumner), Valeria (Alla Perfilova), Jasmine (Sara Semendueva), Avraam Russo (Ephraim Apdzhyan), Daria Dontsova (Agrippina Vassilieva), Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili), Cyrus Bulychev (Igor Mozheiko).
Of the stars, with a pseudonym on stage, continue to respond to the familiar home name. Grigory Chkhartishvili, better known to readers as Boris Akunin, in an interview said:
— We are very different. Akunin much kinder than me. This is the first thing. Second, unlike me, he — an idealist. And thirdly, he knows there is a God, which I envy him. Besides, I should not have to write detective novels under his own name yet because the goods managers in stores could not pronounce the name Chkhartishvili. A famous singer Garik Sukachev on stage bully and star rock 'n' roll, but at home he — Igor, a good father to two children and a loving husband.

Defense Against the Dark Arts

The advantage of the second name in the fact that this is an additional protection from evil forces. It was once thought that a man and a name — one, and because the ancient people was the custom to hide her true identity from enemies and evil spirits. Some people still see the tradition of giving children two names — one for the others, a second secret. Often the healers can affect patient remotely, without even seeing the person using only name to connect to it energoin-formation field. Knowing the name of the person you can to help and heal. And you can do much harm.

Magic renaming

Mark Twain, changed his name, became famous

There is a very interesting technique, known as "the technique of renaming." The gist of it is that if a person is too available, open to others, he is subservient to external influences. And in order to go into the trouble-free space, it is necessary to rename itself. And not just a different name, and use objects and phenomena that fall within your field of vision, or any words that come to mind.
Suppose there was a kind of stalemate, or has not yet emerged, but is about to occur. At this point it is necessary to rename itself like this: "I — I'm a tree … — a cloud … I — wheel white" Toyota "… I — snow on the roof … I — eyebrows on the face … I'm a passer — a phone call … I — twirl wallpaper wall … "And so on, until it is time enough and you will not feel that played enough and do not wish to continue. After that, the alarm goes, comes mental harmony, and most importantly, the problem is solved quickly and easily. On the one hand, you do not find the problem, because you are simply not there. And on the other — you seem to dissolve all around, absorbing its power.

New features

Choosing a name for your child — not a simple process

Returning to the subject of the second name, I want to quote from the book "Why NIK, or select a new name" Vladimir Levi, "eight months is to me a handsome man. View open, laughing, posture straight.
— I am going to marry a doctor. I want to invite to the wedding.
— Sorry … Alex?
— I'm Alex.
— Sasha? .. Oh yes, Sasha … not quite understand. I seem to be no help.
— Did you forget about it. Alik is you have not helped. And I have shown that I — Sasha.
— How?
— I changed jobs. He started playing in amateur theater. Made new friends. Fell in love.
— But how?
— Alec strangled. Escaped from those who knew him. That's — I'm Alex. "
If we want to correct something in his life, you can get a second name, or even the third. There is no need to change the documents, please contact the appropriate authorities. Just select the appropriate name to it resonated in my heart and to our liking. Let it be your mascot.
Very well, if you are a new name to call relatives or friends, so it stuck in my subconscious. But, of course, choosing a new name, it is advisable to know what it means.
Some names have the same semantic meaning and a similar sound, regardless of the language group. This is the result of what the Europeans and Russian there are names of Greek or Latin origin. So your new could any liked internationalist name. When choosing a new name, you can use the following list.
Names that will be successful in your career and finances. Women: Antonina, Valentina, Galina, Catherine, Helen, Love, Olga, Tatiana, John. Men: Alex, Alisher, Boris, Vahid, Vladislav, Ilya, Kirsan, Michael, Oleg, Peter Roman, Suleiman, Thalmann, Yuri.
Names that will be famous. Women: Alla, Aurora, Anna, Catherine, Brittany, Gina, Elizabeth, Margaret, Muse, Nicole, Nona, Samantha, Sophia, Tamara, Julia. Men: Alexander, Antonio, Apollo, Mr Justin, Dylan, Dmitry, May, Mark, Patrick, Sergei, Ian.
There are names that will even help to establish a relationship with their children, if something does not add up. The names of loving and caring children. Can mentally give a child a middle name, especially in moments of controversy and misunderstanding. Some of these names. Women: Alexander, Veronica, Jill Courtney, Miranda, Mia, Natalie, Elizabeth. Men: Alex, Anton, Benjamin, Gregory, Dill, Jean, Christian, Robert Fletcher.
Now the names that can make you younger and more attractive. Choose thee one of them, ask a close call you that, at least occasionally. And remember this name. And after a while everyone will start to wonder why you are younger. Female names: Avis, Aurora, Acacia, Alice, Anita, Verne Damalla, Jillian, Gina Jolie, Julia, Diana, Dina, Zara, Laura, Lydia, Paulina, Peter, Simon, Yuviliya, Yasmin. Men: Alan, Allen, Bean, Bobby Bogdan, Valentine, Vernon, Verney, Vitali, Woody, Gregory, Jalil, Gino, Jonathan, Jordan, Cooper, Rocky, Julian.
Experiment, and maybe your life will sparkle with new faces.


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