Water anomaly

At the beginning of this century, all began to meet more often to the scientists of the anomalous properties of water. If earlier it was thought that the water can be affected by physical and chemical means, but today scientists agree that it is also possible impact a word, the power of thought. Water takes information coming from outside and transformed under its influence.

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Recent scientific discoveries are shaking the world. By conducting experiments, it was found that water consists of super-molecules, which can be called clusters, or cells. By external influences, these cells have the ability to rebuild.

Thus there is a water storing any information. This structural memory allows the water to absorb, store and display the information in the environment, which has been obtained by means of words, music, and even thought.

Scientist Masaru Emoto from Japan confident that in order to see the look of "recorded" information water, just enough to take a picture of her in a frozen form. The value has the form of ice crystals formed. Their appearance depends on the emotional coloration of information that has been received by the water. Positive and good thoughts, harmonious sweet melodies generate symmetrical, pleasing the eye "paintings." Negative, angry thoughts, sharp music — shapeless crystals with ragged edges.

After a series of similar experiments, the scientists can come to the conclusion that human life is affected not only the state of the environment, but also the state of the energy-environment. The water reflects the perceived at the molecular level information and, once in the human body, can affect health.

But do not be upset, negative information "erased", if the water to freeze and give it to melt or vaporize and condense. But if it had the opportunity to drink pure spring water — treat your body so valuable beverage!

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