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October 7, 2012 1:08

Left — lifetime photo Friedrich Jurgenson. Right — the image of Friedrich Jurgenson taken on television researcher from Germany Adolf Homes. This is the first color image taken with the "other side".

Radiomost with "those" light

Good news just want to spread more widely, attract the attention of many. The more so because it comes to such significant matters as life after death. I do not know who would be absolutely indifferent to research in this area: no matter what, but all of us "out there" will be … So any discoveries associated with the transition to the other world, usually cause great interest.

In our city, the problem of electronic communication with the other world is engaged in radio engineer, a member of the UFO group VP Efimchuk. Vladimir seeking ways to get a clear sound of "white noise" of the radio spectrum, in which communication is the most stable. The work is not very simple, cost, and no money for that. And while not everything works — the "voice" difficult to see. But the main achieved: equipment records it from there! Records are on tape, most recently for this purpose have been successfully used laptops, and in the West craftsmen are even television image.

Russian researchers directs instrumental ITC young scientist, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Artem Mikheev. As its name method of communication with the other world it is clear that it involves technical means. Artem came to us in the Volga, to discuss possible methods of improving the equipment. Since then, between us constant communication.

However, any Volga region, with access to the Internet has a lot to learn about developments in this area of the site of the Russian Association of ITC http://www.rait.airclima.ru. For those who does not have access to the World Wide Web, here are some of the messages to the "order" of light recorded by the computer: "We are immortal," "send you greetings from heaven", "It is beautiful here," "It's different than is you! Another physicist, other relationships, everything else … "

For example, there is the second year that established permanent connection killed in a car accident 21 years Dmitry Svitneva with his family, parents, Vadim and Natalia Svitnevymi from St. Petersburg. Vadim Svitnev, Ph.D., a military specialist acoustics, has managed to establish a reliable means of Mitya Transsvyaz between. In a thick notebook of his mother recorded over three thousand messages from Mitya. "It will be a success, Mommy! We are trying to find a reliable connection is on the phone "- this phrase uttered by Mitya his voice.

On the threshold of the mobile communication

Association instrumental ITC appeared in Russia not long ago — in 2004. It is headed by Artem Mikheev. Taking this opportunity, Stu, I asked him about the latest developments in research conducted by him and his colleagues.

— Artem, and with what, in fact, it all started?

— In the nineties, I met with a number of foreign publications on the phenomenon of electronic votes and became interested in the problem. A role, of course, played the famous book Raymond Moody "Life After Life" — sounded so convincingly the facts collected American doctor. But when I delved into the problem, I realized that I only touched a negligible part of the iceberg. With full responsibility I declare that any person who has taken the trouble to get to know the world's research scientists in the field, any doubts about the continuation of life after physical death will disappear by themselves.

In 2002, there was my first experiment with using "radio method." The receiver is tuned to a frequency between the two transmission stations and connected to the recorder. The microphone asked questions specific "dead" or unaddressed. Next, when you listen, if you are lucky, you will hear the answer. I was lucky, though at first I examine only one word — "Russian". It was a polugolos-moan …

— What is the guarantee that made the speech signals are not broadcast fragments from some stations?

— The guarantee is very simple: all the votes received, which I've identified as "paranormal", carried meaning, adequate to ask questions, or a direct response to them. Often the voice called me by name, commented traits of my character, even the thoughts and intentions. Probability of random coincidences of this kind is extremely small.

— Tell us briefly how to develop your research over the years.

— From 2003 to 2005, I shared with my friend Igor Konshins engineer by radio methods were written hundreds of letters to the "other side." Unfortunately, they were, for the most part, anonymous, but sometimes shown remarkable knowledge of certain things. For example, in the case of the fall of the two aircraft 25 August 2004 we were immediately informed of the attack.

In the two years we have created a number of options for ITC devices, including device Austrian engineer Franz Seidl, known as psihofon. One of our own projects — the system "Transradio" operating in the sub range. She is now close to completion. In addition, we are looking to create a technical device such as a mobile phone, and it looks like, this invention is not far off.

— What is the point in the test methods can be called a turning point?

— It was the summer of 2008. We analyzed the effect psihofona, which consisted in the transfer is clear and meaningful answers from speech-like signal. When you try to reproduce this response by means of computers, we unexpectedly received signal hitherto unprecedented volume. This is without exaggeration one of the most amazing events that occurred at us for this time! Made contact with a station on the "other side", described himself as "Sanchita". Since then and until now they are constantly in touch and are our good friends, guides and facilitators for communication with a different dimension.

— You mentioned a new method of contact through the computer. Is it possible to read it somewhere, or this information is covered?

— Information about it is shown on our web site http://rait.airclima.ru/results.htm, and anyone can learn a person with minimal computer knowledge and patience. I believe that this method — a gift of peace to all those who want to know more and go beyond our narrow horizons.

— What do the "other side" of the world in which they live?

— Briefly this: their world is of a wave (frequency) nature, and, just like us, they have the body and all the different forms inherent to our world. The main difference — the thought of their world is material and creating a variety of things and the nature around. Easy to read thoughts telepathically. There are many levels of being, in which we may be after physical death, and every "catapulted" to a level that corresponds to the development of his consciousness. Man, like a musical instrument, as it configures itself with their thoughts and actions to the corresponding "wave length." Namely it gives the address, the destination of "there." However, all this is well known for a long time, enough to get acquainted with the heritage of ancient cultures.

— What you heard from there you would have called the most important?

— The main message that is repeated in dozens of different phrases and metaphors, not only here, but in almost all researchers ITC is the word that there is no death, that all those whom we loved, — alive, continue to exist, so the fear of nothingness has no basis. Is this in itself is not a reason to enjoy it to the gift — our lives?


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