We are not slaves!

Dedicated to the goddess Mokos (Mother kosha, fate)

All ancient religions of the world say that the Almighty Creator (the creative force) one and the many, and at the same time, our Vedic Faith says the same (see, for example the Book of Veles).

That is, it has a lot of personality (or faces), and is not limited to only three (as claimed by Christians that have limited the Almighty), but for the convenience of the Slavs, and divided them into Triglav (three God Triglav) and all the gods are divided into light and dark.

Even in the primary source of the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah says that Elohim created men, but Elohim is translated from Yiddish only in the plural — Gods, this is the same as saying people (only a lot of individuals). Allah is the corruption of the Elohim so in the Quran in the name of Allah all states in the plural "we have done", "we said," and so on. Orthodox Jews also polytheists or as they call themselves shamotniki. According to our ancient faith people are considered descendants of the gods, but if a lot of them and they are different, and their descendants will be different (and unique each in their own way).

If you think straight, you really can not be the progenitors of Adam and Eve and the Red Indians, and the Pygmies, and Bushmen, and Vietnamese. Each of these people their God father, the descendants of these people who are. Version that the differences in the appearance of these ethnic groups, influenced by climatic conditions do not hold water, as the Vietnamese and Filipinos yellows, blacks negros African jungle, savannah American Indians live in about the same conditions and is still very different from each other.

Humanity according to the Bible, was created by the gods to the 6th day of creation (but as different gods that people also differ from each other), and on day 8, when the gods rested began to create the first-to-pod (translated as god pod, Assistant god, half god), who also produced his humanity. At first (the Bible), he created only the soul and put it to the east of our land on the planet Eden, and then split in half separating the soul from the masculine female. But the living soul is not a person and therefore the Lord God (demigod) made them coats of skins, and clothed them in these souls. That is, he made only two elements of the body and soul as opposed to the first of mankind, which was going on in the image and likeness of the gods and had a 4th element — body, soul, spirit, and conscience.

The fact that in addition to Adam and Eve were the other people mentioned in the Bible. Cain killed his brother Abel went to the land of Nod (in accordance with the Vedas is another planet) and found his wife was born and they have Seth (if there were other people, where he found a wife?) And he built the city (but not for the same three people to build a city?).

According to the ancient calendar of Slavic-Aryan we have now is 111,817 a year from the carrying out of our ancestors Daarija (sunken continent in the Arctic Ocean) on the East Siberian Lowland. Our ancestors knew that our Yarylo — the sun is in svastichnoy galaxy (in modern spiral) at the end of one of the four arms, and turns inside the sleeves around its center.

Complete revolution takes place 25,920 years. This celestial cycle of day and night is called god Svarog. Svarog previous day ended about 13,000 years ago, the great flood, which destroyed Atlantis and almost all population of the planet. Managed to escape a few righteous people, retaining ancient knowledge. In 10,948 BC, the era of the Virgin began the next day Svarog. And with the 4468g. BC started the era of Finist Night of Svarog (ie the sun was on the other side arm of the galaxy, which is addressed not to the center of the galaxy — its nucleus, and to the area controlled by the forces of darkness) that lasts to the present (until 2012.). In this time of bright gods can not attend their people and provide effective assistance because, by the laws of celestial ethics they do not violate the border, but warns the priests of the occurrence of the dark ages and how to preserve the ancient faith.

Svarog marked the beginning of the night by such an event as the arrival of our land descendants of Adam and Eve 5671 years ago. The calendar year 5671 the State of Israel from Adam. The word "Jew" is translated according to the dictionary Archimandrite Nicephorus (published 1861.) As newcomers from other lands, or in modern aliens. While in principle we are all aliens, because all of our ancestors came to this land at different times, and so the last persons we call simply "gray". Indeed their spacecraft to 144,000-bed came from the planet Eden (Scandinavians speak EDUM, see their ancient tales "Saga") located in the dark worlds, the island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, these same events also reads in Indian Vedas (Veda — known) brought to this country Slavic-Aryan (see the epic "Ramayana").

Rubbing the confidence of the people already living on our land gray began offering them to bypass the laws of celestial ascent of the soul to the higher worlds (which says that only lived a worthy life on earth by doing his duty and left the earthly body person can rise higher and higher in the world) move people through technical means to heavenly mansions, and actually began to send them as slaves to their planet Eden (located at the galactic east).

So much so, that the leader of the gray Ravan (just tune Ravin) stole the wife of the supreme Slavic-Aryan priest Rama — Sid ("Ramayana"). This was the last straw of patience, then the Slavic-Aryan with powerful weapons (most likely radiation and nuclear) space fleet was destroyed by aliens and enemies were punished (in India, archaeologists still find traces of ancient nuclear effects). The same powerful earthquake, which led to the formation of Dardanovogo Strait and to the famous Flood described in the Christian Bible.

After the defeat of the remaining gray were sent to Egypt to train their creative work, whatever they can feed themselves and their offspring. But they are not willing to work under the leadership of Moishe left the country man-made mountain. This is well described in the Slavic epic "The Book of Wisdom of Perun."

Realizing that is open to ship slaves to their ancestral Eden (EDUM) they do not succeed, the leaders of the gray was developed another secretive mysterious plan. They knew that, according to the laws of heaven, man's soul for the continuation of life after the death of the earthly body is directed to those starry palaces and those who protect the planet gods progenitors people that people in the course of life and worship that glorifies. A sends people there resultant force combined thought-memory images, developed in the course of life. In the teachings of God Kryshen it is said like this: "Gl.1.62. After Croda (ritual burning of the dead), a person is immersed in the illusion of the perfect, which is constructed from images of his memory (as if living life again, pictures of life pass before his eyes) …. Ch. 8.5 … And the one who in the hour of death leaves the body and goes, remember me, he reaches my temple (constellation). Gl8.6 What state of being, or anyone of the gods did not recall the person at the last moment, leaving the body, and there he would be (and remember the time of death as we have seen the images from the memory. That is how he lived there, and it will though the path to hell, at least in Svarga) "

And knowing this, Koschei (gray heads) gave them the task that people would Midgard-earth (Slavic name of the planet) have forgotten their native gods of light that would have been erased from the memory of any mention of the fact that they are their descendants. The Torah and the Bible Christians in Deuteronomy Ch. 12. There is a gray farewell, "Yes, he will crush all the altars and temples of the goyim (as they call us), and cut down their groves, and destroy all their idols of the gods." Further their God Yahweh (Jehovah) so directs in the same Bible, "When you go to a foreign people, to fight against it, then proclaim peace, if he agrees, then let him pay tribute to you and recognizes himself as a slave and serves you Israel. If you do not agree to these terms shall save alive nothing that breathes. "

Then all the people, according to their plan through the Christian religion, since childhood, began to grind into the subconscious that they are not the children of the gods of light and servants of the God of Israel. And of course after such treatment of consciousness in a person's lifetime after the death according to the laws of heaven are not sent to their worlds in the light, and in the Garden of Eden to hell but still a slave, because he had always told himself that he was a servant of God of Israel, and in addition during the funeral on his forehead lay a strip of paper from the church "soprovodilovku" that says "Sent servant of God …" and the name fits, that is still there, and was born in Eden certainly slave of their god, and in the family descendants of those slaves who were lured there by deceit. Indeed, in the kingdom of heaven according to the bible get only 144,000 souls of the 12 tribes of Israel, and it was only after the second coming of Jesus Christ, and the other slaves in the Garden of Eden.

At the time, tried to help the forces of light gray corrected with the mission of Jesus Christ, which is for them, as it is this branch of humanity had been created by the Lord Yahweh (Jehovah), and he did not have the love of the other gods, and that is why Jesus Christ had to correct this people, to give them the Holy Spirit and conscience, as when they were created by Jehovah were not understaffed by these elements. This is stated in the Bible: Matthew Ch. 10 Article 5, 6, "These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them to Christ saying — the way of the Gentiles, and do not go to the city of the Samaritans (themselves Aryans) did not get in, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Matthew Ch. 15 and Mark Chapter 7, "And came to Jesus a woman of Canaan (Gentile), whose daughter was sick and asked for help, to which Jesus Christ said:" I'm not sent but unto the lost sheep of Israel. Bad will happen to take the children's bread and give it to the dogs (meaning other people, in the words of Jesus manifested the negative impact of the Jewish environment, or they have been distorted in the writing of the Gospel). " The woman answered him, "but even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from the table hosts." Then Jesus helped her. The Gospel of John, Ch. 5 42. "But I know you (meaning gray), you do not have the love of God." The Gospel of John, Ch. 8. 44 "Jesus said to the Jews: Your father the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth. … 47 … you do not hear that you are not on the (light) of God. "

But Paul (real name Saul, which then was not an apostle, but he was a true servant of Yahweh) has distorted the mission of Jesus Christ and his teachings created (out of 28 books of the New Testament 16 belong to him) — Christianity (which is nothing to do with Jesus does not) . This teaching is very convenient to enslave other people and turn them into slaves here, and then on to Eden. Islam in the same series, as it has the same root with Christianity — Judaism. Just gray rulers, created the illusion of choice by people of religion, then to make it easier to push the peoples foreheads. Only with the Christianization of Kievan Rus in the 12 years of the 12 million people killed 9 million. In our own country own people descendants Malki (mother of Prince Volodymyr the Great, she was the daughter of a rabbi, that is a servant of gray and therefore often called chronicles Prince Ravitch-Rabici many translate this as Vladimir son slave, but forget that in Russia there was never slaves ) turned into slaves by introducing so-called serfdom.

Only freedom-loving Cossacks preserve freedom and almost to the 17th century fought against slavery Christian ideology. Recall the only revolt Ataman Ataman Razin and Lyalya burns the Christian monasteries and churches (as well as the mosque), the revolt of the Don Ataman Ileyki (Gorchakov) lifted the Don and the Volga region to restore Slavic Aryan Vedic faith (after the king signed a decree to destroy the Cossacks Magi-Kharakternyky planting and clericalism).

So far in our Christian churches to sing the glory of God services of Israel and Judah (crowned slave and servant of God …. God's .. the glory of the God of Israel … and so on). Why is not our bright Gods? Forced to eat the body of Jesus replacing it with wafer and drink his blood (wine) during the sacrament, making people mystical cannibals (of mind just breaks down and you can take the man with his bare hands.) People wake up! We Slavic-Aryan children are our gods, and not slaves of another God, and certainly not fallen sheep of Israel. In Russia, no masters, we fraternized with the gods, we praise them. Our Gods slaves we never are calling (as opposed to Jewish).

Let us remember our heroes: Alexander Nevsky — Prince Sage, though Christians and canonized him (… "do not want the Prince of Novgorod pagan priests cried Alexander," according to the annals), Sergius of Radonezh — Magus, although also canonized. Even from Orthodoxy rightly famous (Right World Slavic-Aryan gods).

So what have the people of other nations to the gods of the Jews, because each nation has its beautiful bright gods, and their (those who worship Mother Sva, that is, a heavenly mother) progenitors can not forget, they're family to us, our ancestors, we are their descendants and strength of our gods be with us until the end.

We do not encourage gray abandon their God, we wish them only the best and so we repeat the words of Jesus Christ: "Poimena Holy Spirit, and then you will manifest and conscience." That's it. And our motto (as opposed to slavery imposed by force) "if you hit in the face, cut off the hand punch, then there will be nothing to beat."

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