We found the Andromeda satellites — the dwarf galaxy

An international team of scientists discovered that a galaxy Andromeda nebula has its satellites — dwarf galaxies, some of which revolve around it in the same plane, media reported.

Famous Andromeda or how often it is called, the Andromeda galaxy, scientists studied for many years. With the development of optical techniques they can learn about it more and more.

The recent discovery was made by an international team of scientists using a telescope, Canada-France-Hawaii, the project PAndAS.

Studying thousands of images taken by telescopes, scientists have concluded that the Andromeda Galaxy has its satellites. This dwarf galaxies that orbit it. And the part of the satellite rotates in the same plane. The thickness of this plane about 30 light-years, and the diameter of more than a million light years. Interestingly, the plane of rotation is oriented in some way to the rotation plane of our Milky Way galaxy.

Scientists do not know why there was such consistency in the movement of galaxies, but they suggest that this is no accident.

Dwarf galaxies — are small in the number of stars of space education, they are about a few billion stars in larger galaxies such as the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxy, where stars are hundreds of times more.

Andromeda nebula related to spiral galaxies nearest to our own Milky Way galaxy, far from us at 2.52 million light years.

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