Weed seeds buried in the ground on their own

Weed seeds buried in the ground on their ownThe scientists filmed the seeds of an ordinary family aistnika geranium yourself buried in the ground, reports ScienceNOW. Research article published in Journal of Experimental Biology.

Aistnik ordinary (Erodium cicutarium) attributed to weeds. This plant is able to scatter their seeds to a distance of half a meter, and as soon as the buds fall to the ground, they begin to dig into it. The creators of the work for the first time were able to study the details of the process.

While the fruit of E.

cicutarium ripens, the seeds are wet and do not leave their place of education. Gradually, they dry out, and at some point long barrel, supporting the seed begins to shrink and twist until at least until the release. Tightening the stem, through which semen is immersed deeper into the soil goes after it falls to the ground. Over the next few days as the daily changes in moisture continues to bury the seed until it goes into the soil to the desired depth, writes Lenta. Ru.

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