What can tell eye color

April 12, 2012 13:13

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Eyes were evaluated in human history, as something magical, because through them one can know the beauty of the world. It is because in ancient times it was believed that all of man's soul can be reflected in the eyes, but some people are able to hide it. Our ancestors also noticed that people with a certain eye color different from other behaviors, preferences and personality. In the future, depending on assumptions about the nature of the bill and eye color science confirmed physiognomy. It explains the origin of these differences of people and the environment. Not for nothing they say that people from the south, whose skin is golden and her eyes more often brown — a passionate and powerful, but at the same time, like fun, not against a scandal and then make up. More information on all eye colors and character of the owners described below.

Green-eyed people — The great stubborn that can turn their persistence in the right direction and achieve unprecedented success in any field. They can easily split any plan for the items set yourself a goal and go for it, overcoming any obstacles and difficulties encountered. We can say that green-eyed people — the embodiment of honesty, fairness, diligence and prudence. However, all blue-eyed people are influenced by others and their ideas often can not be realized because of the acute lack of vitality. It turns out the paradoxical situation where health is great reserve of strength, but they do not know where to spend it, and in ambitious talented youth it fails due to the weakness and lack of energy. You can not find the green-eyed man in full, they know when to lie and when to keep silent, make it all so cleverly and subtly, that other person may not think that it just circled around her finger. Green eyes and love with all my heart for a long time, but not quickly find a partner because of their half must be perfect in every way, must not require more attention, and must firmly know — this man is reliable. In addition, the holders of their halves of green eyes are like a king may forgive some mistakes, but do not ever give descent. Offend them in difficult cases, but they are in love, like everyone else, are very vulnerable and sensitive.

A black and dark-brown eyes always compared with the wild beasts, so deep and beautiful they look. Perpetual motion, they are ready to take part in all that they are interested in any way, where there is movement and others. Terribly sociable, they do not tolerate boredom, can go on about the emotion, incredibly sexy, can give the listener a good advice and support in difficult times. Despite the fact that they used to be leaders, like competition, but always skeptical of their own success. So people want someone who will always say that they are the best, that is the person a little bit weaker.

Hazel eyes talk about dreaming, some closed its possessor. Such people — almost the exact opposite of the holders of a dark-brown eyes. They love and want to work, but never to demand higher wages, even deserved. Despite the uncertainty, they constantly make poor behavior to find their way and go to the call of the heart, the will of intuition.

Despite the fact that people with blue eyes always been considered a romantic and artistic natures, they may wind up quickly and be cruel. They — the prisoners of their emotions, often not rational, but are able to find just the perfect solution to the problem, which will bring in this situation, more profit or success. They have for their favorite poems, songs, but not capable of strong feelings. Saturated shade of blue or blue eyes — it is other people. They are much more emotional of his blue-eyed friends, willing and able to love once and for all life. Love of truth, they will stand to the end, until they achieve the recognition it deserved.

Gray-eyed love to work and often find the meaning of life at work. They do not follow the fashion, do not want to deal with narrow-minded people like simplicity, convenience and mind. Please them are interesting ideas, but the companion to the exterior, they can not be taken in any way, so they never notice new earrings or shoes, but if you start talking about reading the book, I will listen carefully and with interest. Some restraint in feelings prevents them enjoy all the pleasures of life, which is why they are unconsciously looking for more emotional, open, turretless partner.

People with yellow eyes, more resembling a snake, you can find very often, which is why they are considered unique, interesting people. Despite the comparison with the disagreeable character, they love us, can cheer and comfort. They clearly belong to all people, love to show off, and look at the others, lack of habit to criticize anything. The most important thing in life for owners of yellow eyes — security and success of the family, so do not hurt their loved ones.

People with colored eyes, who have little of the brown-eyed, from the blue-and green-eyed from, often in life can not be defined with preferences, work, even with the character. Today, they want to be happy, sad tomorrow, today they represent meticulous worker, late tomorrow and sit in the park. They are not opposed to them, and even some body commanded, for exactly the specified direction to help them navigate. They love those who pay attention to them and appreciate the assistance like no other.

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