What has President Administration

What goes into a giant empire, controlled by the head of state personally? According to official estimates, in the names of as many as 80 organizations said: "Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus."

In the mid-'90s, when a number of enterprises were unprofitable cultural profile, the Office of took them under his patronage. "The goal was simple — to save the company for the future. Factories artworks, ceramics, souvenirs — really, the support they needed. But no one lived ceramics administration. Trading on behalf of the state — that is the main source of income" — the newspaper "Nasha Niva. "

The company "Belarustorg", which deals with the import of alcohol, cigarettes and forests, has a multi-billion dollar turnover but still receives preferential treatment. For example, the entry "Belarustorg" coal in the country in the last six months will not even be taxed — like HH.

Resting after a long, hard work

Administrative Department to seize the sanatorium outside the country, which inherited from the Byelorussian SSR. Tuapse, Druskininkai, Yalta, Sochi, Jurmala … Talking about their sale would not start even in times of most need. Oh and resorts in Belarus and say no. "Youth," "Burabai", "Pine" — previously treated here went on gratuitous flights unionists, now — tired from the Turkish and Egyptian beaches Russians.

Tour operator "Center-Resort" defines who wish to provide vouchers to sanatoriums listed above. Also, the organization has more than ten stores in the capital. RUE "Belarusian lottery" remains the largest player in the lottery business, offering twenty games.

Presidential National Parks

The country has five national parks — "Bialowieza Forest", "Narochansky", "Pripyat", "Berezina" and "Braslavsky lakes." All of these unique natural features in the mid-90s came under scrutiny by the PCB. Since then, the number of arrested leaders parks is growing. In just one national park Braslavsky three directors nominated by turns were taken to court. All of them — personally appointed by the president — was accused of abuse of office. The plan to cut down in the Bialowieza Forest, killing bison — all the facts of recent years.

"President-Hotel". Visiting President

At the moment, the PCB has three metropolitan hotels. The most prestigious — four "Minsk", which stands on the square of Independence. "Planet" and "Anniversary" have three stars, and are further from the center. In the next quarter of a residence of the head of state is being built, "President-hotel".

"Building Trust, experimental farms, shopping malls — this is an incomplete list of what is left out of our attention," — writes HH. — And then there are the Department of Humanitarian Affairs, which decides whether the right to spend any money transfers from abroad … And what brings revenue office buildings around Minsk, who control the affairs of his time to pick up a nearly full strength. "

In comparison, under the control of the administration of President of Ukraine there are 50 organizations. In the great Russian — 105 organizations, but a dozen of them — it's kindergartens.

These trading volumes of the Belarusian business empire never abnarodvalisya. According to a former caretaker Ivan Tityankova, Even in his time, in the late 90s, the income went to the billions of dollars.

Presidential "assistant warden":

  • Ivan Titenkovin 1994-1999 — fled to Russia
  • Vladimir Goncharenko 1999-2001 — former Minister of Communications
  • Galina Zhuravkova 2001-2004, was convicted by the court, but pardoned by President
  • Gennady Lavrenkov 2004-2005
  • Alexander Kulichkov 2005-2008 — Former Minister of Trade
  • Nicholas Domashkevich 2008-2009 — the former head of the Minsk oblast
  • Nikolai Korbut in 2009.

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