What is Karma?

Increasingly, people are faced with such a strange concept as karma. What is it and what does it affect?

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The concept of "karma" comes from Hinduism and literally means "reward." In Sanskrit, this word translated as criminal conduct. That is karma is responsible for everything that you have done before.

It forces us to pay for sins, but at the same time helps us in some moments of goodness.
All positive and negative thoughts that revolve in our minds, just affect the karma.

If a person lives righteously, honors ancestors laws, respects nature, the way it will be easy, and the subsequent rebirth will give him the perfect light and life.

If you believe the ancient Indian teachings, any problem in life there for a reason.
All troubles befall the consequences of any unjust deeds.

Some call it God's punishment, but in fact it is a common pattern that occurs as a result of a particular action. Of course, many are used to justify its plight problems. Yes, of course, the person receives a predefined script of life, in which he develops a lifetime. Once this script has a lot of room for improvisation. It is these moments form the karma, which can then help in a difficult situation, or on the contrary to destroy something good in your life.

The concept of karma is closely intertwined concept of reincarnation or rebirth. This suggests that the people in your life paying for the sins of his past and tries to atone for them in every way. Those who appear in this world with a positive karma, fate bestowed easy. It is these people have a special talents and abilities.

If you decide to do, you have to prepare for some of the complexities. After all, any intended changes in your life can lead to unexpected consequences.

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