What is the energy alive?

Alive is the life energy that is given to each person. This is something intangible and invisible, then:
— so we are upright, not hanging on the trees or walking, on all fours;
— so that we are developing as an evolution, not an involution, like monkey — the former are people who have sunk to the path of involution;

— that allows us to be a reasonable man;
— which gave rise to the great works of art and invention;
Alive given to each person at birth in their limited numbers. And that's where people will send it in your life, depends on the quality of fate — happy or unhappy.
As in ancient times, the priests spoke of Atlantis, a person at birth is given conditionally 10kg magic clay. It can be spent on the knowledge, but you can on entertainment. You can self-improvement and development, and can be on the accumulation of gold.
How alive is over, life or an end, or those who spent it quickly to the vices of life becomes a parasitic form of existence.

1.Tsennost Alive

Those who have read the plan Dulles against Russia understands that the main focus was the ideological expansion of the people. "We will make them value false" is the main point of the plan.
And they still managed. On moral decay in the first place is alien to the Russian people affected Bolshevik ideology. Ie But the main factor in our defeat lay within, and have all sorts of plans Dulles contributed finish "sick."
Values were forged in the 70's, known as the years of stagnation. The false story on which the Russian 1000 years ago supposedly lived in trees (knowingly enemies rewrote millennial history of the Slavs, to deprive them of self-esteem), lack of access to real knowledge deficit, hidden corruption, nepotism, abuse of alcohol had already prepared the ground for a shift abundant values. A 80-90-seeded just setting the stage. As possible in the late 70's for giving or selling a VCR machine? Now it seems silly. But then shoots sprouted in our time. And it sold for bribes citizenship, land, forests to logging.
Major victory Dulles plan was the introduction of money as the measure of all things. Money is materialized energy. Why? To make them have to spend their time and effort (to go to work and do their duty there.) Ie Money is the same accumulated alive.
People spent their time and energy to work and get paid for it. But many have introduced the idea that they wanted to become millionaires, especially free then — to win the lottery, get married …
Thus, the test for verification. You find on the street suitcase scored bundles of dollars (main value of Hollywood movies). Your actions? Analyze your thoughts on this.
When a person gets the money is not equivalent to its labor costs, it becomes illegal alien owner alive. And this is, first corrupts second such people usually become servants of the Dark, who through them do eat alive in the form of money for their needs. Soros is an example — a servant of the Dark, in his speculations made his owners millions of dollars.

So, important value in life is ALIVE. This is compared to what all the money in the world is nothing. This is something that is not for sale, because it gives us the most sacred and precious life! This is what can bring a sense of beauty, happiness, harmony, health and love. The five pillars that can not be bought at any price. Lose or sell them (with heart) you can, but you can not buy.
The second value is our land, air, water, forests, rivers, lakes, flora and fauna. This is something that was created by the thousands and millions of years. How can we evaluate illegally felled timber say a million rubles. This is something that should not even be sold and must be permanently protected: Tiger killed — shot, cut down illegal wood — shot. For example, as in China. Then quickly cleaned up. Our earth is watered with blood and sweat of our ancestors thousands of years. Even a piece of land more millions of dollars. But it is a different story.
Here is an example of the true core values, compliance with which kept the civilization of Slavs from the Pacific Ocean to the Carpathians, tens of thousands of years. And this is what is etched Jews and Christians and the Dark puppeteers behind them a thousand years. About Christianity and Givet discussed below.

2.Formy manifestations Alive
First form: the idea (project) — awareness (realization).

Any thought requires certain costs wording thinking. Dreaming of itself, without the realization, ie fruitless dreaming is a form of waste alive wasted. This means that the idea, or something to help realize the project or if it is, then bring it to a reality. But as for the project, its content depends on the person.
For example, the project is marriage. This can be a search for the realization of love, but can a marriage of convenience, such as to marry rich.
You can create new inventions for the benefit of people, but some can become a socialite and burn live in nightclubs and gossip.

The second form: attention — perception.

This is very important in our time, and many unconscious form. What we pay attention to the fact we distinguish live. The result is the perception of attention.
There is a useful account, and there is attention, devastating live.
Useful note — the contemplation of nature, trees, rivers, water, earth … We give Nature live, instead of getting her energy Arda. This is useful, necessary and beneficial exchange. The contemplation of the beautiful works of art instead of live gives us the awareness of reality, which is this work, self-improvement. Pet, we give them a living for development, in response we get joy, for some compensation alone.
Attention, devastating live:
— TV or as it is called zomboyaschik. Soaps, any-2 Houses, empty talking-view of all this is the outflow from the man alive without compensation. There are programs which bring good return of attention spent on them — information. Zomboyaschik leads eat enormous energy alive the people and because people are starting to weaken, after sitting behind him pulling only a dream.
— Computer games cause children eat alive. I believe that up to 16 years for computer games should not allow children or very little under the strict control of time (no more than an hour a day). The fact that the children increased the flow alive. It is necessary for the formation of the psyche, of growing up, learning. If they sink to toys for many hours a day, this leads to the big problems with the nervous system and mind in the present and future problems are alive because of the absorption of virtual reality, for example, instead of the formation and growth of the glands.
— Any player and listen to music (usually not giving anything in terms of development) in the headphones for many hours a day.
— Swearing, mate. There are situations when you have to matyukatsya. But when the mat is a second language, the unique flow.
— Dissatisfaction (the world outside);

Everyone can continue both.
Now the problem. Sit down, drop by the time the current thoughts and analyze your typical day — where you put your attention?
If the inside of dissatisfaction, dreams with a dark background, the nervous system exceeds the limit, then your attention to the object of your perception causes an outflow alive. Means it is necessary to remove the object is called eat alive. You sunk to serials? Try to live a week without a TV at all. Be surprised how many goals and interests come to you that were not due to absorption osoznavaemy zomboyaschika alive.
If you are satisfied and happy, you dream vivid dreams, then your aim is alive in a constructive direction.
And the most important thing. Number Alive is not infinite, it is limited. Because the time spent on a devastating note can lead to what is alive is not enough for the realization of missed opportunities.

The third form of love (knowledge) — creativity.

This is one of the highest forms of living. When you sow seed, but you can get a tree with many fruits.

Brown puppeteers have found their way here and stealing people alive. In life we are taught to love the West, freedom fighters, the Jews, the small nations, some of whom live on the level of savages. But by itself, the land gradually formed dislike. Result: alive to fuel these subject-object, followed by a live material values in the idea of financial aid, and his own people and the land overgrown with weeds and devoid alive walking along the path of degradation.
Some of the removals are alive are the Christian churches. By the way in fan-Hive is a bad sign if front of the house is a church. Masters practice quickly determined the true role in the energy of the Christian churches. Who are all kinds of prayer, liturgy and akathists in churches? The land of Israel and Palestine. It is considered sacred to her worship, as well as a large cohort of Jewish saints.
What does the land of Palestine has to Russian soil? Yes there before our ancestors lived Slavs. They are still some local names. The Jordan River comes from the Russian Horde (Arda), Palestine — Seared Stan. Yahweh God of the Jews of the Slavs borrowed from the word Reality (quadriceps Jav-Nav-right-fame).

But the clergy do not sing our ancestors, and it is a strange land. Even more of our ancestors as they curse the Gentiles. For the heathen priests are the biggest enemy. So, singing in their prayers the land of Israel, they certainly make a huge stream of robust design to exist for others, modern Israel, but that's due to the transfer of their alive. Ie Church is a collective place alive with removal duped believers to be sent to foreign lands, partly redistribution. Because feng shui master to determine the true role of the churches. Imagine, instead of the flow of energy in the front door, there is a lack of its removal from the churches.
Love is a powerful creative force. It is this value and discredited enemies plan Dulles. How to discredit it? Redirect or low-lying values (eg love of money), or on others.

3.Energiya alive and the energy of the tonal

In addition to live, which allows expression of the spirit and create, a person has a self-energy of the tonal.
Tonal is a set of four components — the physical body, the etheric shell, the astral body and the mind. By the way, the inflow or outflow of tonalite is alive via the etheric envelope.

Possible causes unconscious outflow alive a tonal:
— Weakening or loss of air enclosure. Tendency to colds, some neurological diseases caused by this factor;
— Connections through the chakras of some structures. For example, aggregorial type. Man falls into any sect, immediately there is a connection to the channel most often the third chakra aggregorial structure that controls the sect. Conducted through the channel and control zombies and sucking live;
— Susceptibility to emotional outbursts. Emotional release produces weakening, breakdown in the tonal than is often used for the extraction of parasitic structures alive. Examples of group of fences — mass strikes or fights, mass sports events;
— Wrong thinking;

The energy of the tonal rough. In this there is a constructive and destructive.
Construct — a gross energy quickly achieve goals and with some development to manipulate physical space. Sam tonal gives us important opportunities that do not have many civilizations — the ability to single-step rotation of thinking. Today, we can bear the aggression, but tomorrow it could drop this and do good. Ie Our selection allows to turn their thinking. In the next world, the ability to turn so there is no thinking. Because not in vain in some ancient scholars say that it is important that the condition (of thinking and living) person dies. First, it defines the layer where it will hit. Second, the last thoughts forming many events next incarnation. In that light, then what we have at the moment of death, to sort and sublimated. But thanks to the tonal we can do such a 180 degree turn of thought.
Destructive — the potential for substitution of tonal energy alive. This is when a man thinks within the physical body and its gross energy becomes dominant. We are born to live here to realize, and the tonal our tool, though important, is the assistant. If the substitution occurs, instead of evolution is the involution of consciousness.

There are two poles of development. On the one hand the total concentration at Givet, ignoring tonal causes it to weaken and we get superumnogo man who could not defend himself from a bully and absurd death of his knife (CAM), when walking down the street or superumnogo but with a lot of sores in the appendage. The opposite option — it is physically healthy body with no brains. The best thing is the golden mean. Alive is absolutely necessary, but it can occur in healthy energy efficient tonal, only man can fully implemented in several areas.

Alive and tonal combinations in practice

Example detainees or cut off from live — bums. More than half of the homeless or do not have a soul, or lost it. This is a walking shell of the tonal.

Tonal free living, functioning autonomously, as He has an independent power, but this tonal carrier becomes a parasite of society, which can not create anything, but to consume. Max, what it can do any good, it's a rough physical work.

Minority of the homeless I divide into two groups. The first is a karma bum. They are not devoid of soul, and just for them to stop the flow of living, as they fell under the law of karma is punishing for their sins in this or previous lives. The second group are people who have not adapted to the harsh realities of our society are usually soft and kind, sympathetic. Resembling the DS. Downs in the world and see only the good people, the bad they can not see. Also, they are not able to resist evil or misfortunes that befall them. Many of them have become homeless because they lost their homes by speculators. We must be able to protect themselves and to defend their property. On the one hand there is sympathy for them, the other is the concept of "natural selection" who are able to adapt to circumstances to survive, and who could not — dies.

Another group is devoid of live aliens. If homeless people are usually in the suburbs and create a few problems to society, then it is dangerous strangers united in groups, particularly along ethnic lines. They are united on the principle of swarm and parasitic groups. Fraud or criminal activity receiving live or manifestations (wealth), they distribute it among themselves on kinship and ethnicity. A part of them are satisfied with the development of the tonal energy. If their network, such as a family of immigrants from the south gets a person, usually a woman who marries a stranger, then it becomes a battery to feed her family live aliens. As a result, a woman becomes a cash cow, and she instead of development, picks disease and aging rapidly (than she intended genetically).

Of the white race, especially in the West weakened tonal people. This is due to several reasons — the comfortable life, genetically modified food, overcome the will to improve. Ziva goes frequently on payload — the absorption of land resources, base entertainment …

The main conclusion — the need to work with the tonal, monitor it, keep it in good shape. Ie engage in physical activity, follow the diet for health. Strong tonal gives us the perfect tool for efficient and, when necessary, instant manifestation alive.

Alive and money.

The word "money" comes from the Russian word "tribute" that characterizes their essence. Money is a tribute to the living, which gathers modern commodity-capitalist monetary system. This system was imposed on us by some technocratic civilization. It is artificial and does not correspond to the nature of man.

Money is immobilized or immobilization alive. Between them there is the next match. About it can be formulated as follows: "Where there come (big) money decreases alive." The result can be seen in practice. In Soviet times, we make high-quality films, many of them are still popular. This was due to the fact that money does not play a significant role in their creation. Creators and actors worked for work and creativity. As a result, if the director is talented, we get the materialization of its flow alive as a masterpiece.

Now I see the Russian cinema, if not use a swear word, like garbage. Weak acting, primitive scenes, explicit "hidden" advertising, the lack of films of high ideas, when it comes down to a banal showdowns, sex for the sake of entertainment and other crap. Russian cinema has ceased to play the role of generators of ideas and positive educational function compared to the Soviet.

It would seem that some movies have huge budgets. These huge budgets lead to that the main incentive for the director becomes repulsed invested money and financial gain. And it completely covers the stream alive. The result is a surrogate disposable towel with cool special effects. The ideas of modern Russian cinema empty and have no relation to the real needs of people, and it is in a man of honor (which almost no on-screen), just a hero, a man searching for spiritual values, etc.

Energy Alive

No wonder most of the great works of art are made, when the creators were either in poverty or in severe circumstances. Then the man turned to the shower, concentrating on Givet, and not for profit in the form of gold coins. The so-called "Comfortable" life (ideal Westerners) in many the desire to create beats live.

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