What is visualization?

July 19, 2012 21:46

Visualization — mechanical evocation of the image. At any time, the energy in tune with him, is present. It — the key, the door opening into the room of their parents. Through it can interact, exchange.

Do not you create the image, it appears it myself, but you can learn through visualization of it …

— Creating the conditions of?
At the coincidence of conditions happen when moving in the subtle planes, within a specific space. It arises, in fact, become a reality.

 Can go another way: the goal is not to pass through the bridge colors — just step into another dimension. Here, near the rooms of Tantra …
Previously given some color. They work in one of the positions of Existence. Change it a little bit, and color-codes already others, the ability to recognize different. It is useless to impose color — the lift is not working.
Working with flowers is a good one — for others it can be a waste of time. You can pan out in the suburbs (the traces of glaciers, travelers), but the result is not significant — that lived elsewhere.
There exoteric color is esoteric. If physical eyes we see this (case study), the color, the higher plane on it — sometimes more akin to its essential nature. In another dimension of this type of energy is perceived differently, becomes the object of consideration other than the physical aspect …
Deal with "it" is desirable in the more secluded areas with minimal interference (same monasteries or conscious periods of solitude, long enough). In everyday life, "it" may result in some variation of "this" reality, that's specific.

Suspended, are not directly affected, perform routine duties of the material, it can be a characteristic color personality. Thinning relationship, just some things are not given.
Therefore, no matter what to make of. The main thing — to catch this thing here, to make sure that it exists. Realize and to go further, do not stop.
This is all the forms. It can be seen through the color, and can be in terms of geometric shapes, symbols and colors in them — is refinement, a secondary factor that points to the astral quality.
Symbol — the form of a causal effect, but in different ways: meant by this definition can and mental constructs, spatial architecture …
All this is a huge space for research, requires an infinite amount of time to get the minimum of professionalism …

On the subject:

Technique Transurfing used to bring into your life positive emotions, new relationships, change, the dream for a long time, to gain a harmonious relationship with family and friends. This technique is defined as work at the level of consciousness and imagination. The new method is to use mental images as slides in constructing the desired space for themselves. The purpose of visualization techniques is the working of the imaginary desires a positive image or a slide in real life.

It is important to feel the image by filling their own thoughts and actions. Try to act, speak and think in a developing way. This task is not difficult, as long as the right to realize their own goals and to distribute them to the mental slides, reflecting components goal.

Use Transurfing want to keep calm, make an effort to stop the negative and destructive nature of you. Try to feel the joy of his own being, and contemplation of the world and their own lives. Periods of life are different. If the circumstances are such that the need for change was urgent, then you just have to start to calm down. Sometimes it is necessary to take decisive steps to change the life in general. And this requires courage, which accumulates to such actions sometimes even years.

For use visualization techniques desires it is important to set itself a goal that motivates the real action. To present in detail the direction of its activities and develop a plan to implement it in real life. For the effective implementation of technology Transurfing important every day to fill yourself mentally positive images, translates the ultimate objective. Every day, the desired representation of images will inspire your life force in the implementation of real work and achievements. To learn how to practice this technique is only imagine what you would like to change. And then imagine how you must change to the desired became a reality for you. Mental images or slides should be pleasant and colorful, then it would please you and fill with vigor and activity.

Transurfing effective technique for working with yourself and settling his own life, for both teenage and adulthood.

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