White Lady to the rescue

Good and evil, noisy and quiet, ghosts and help prevent live peacefully. Each country is proud of its ghost stories, and the story of the White Lady of the small Estonian town of Haapsalu proof.

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There is a legend that in the wall of the local chapel was buried alive innocent girl that fell in love with a young monk, who served in the local cathedral.
Relatives girl wanted to marry her to a local rich man, but the girl escaped, disguised as a boy — chorister. For some time the young were hiding from persecution, but the bishop discovered their secret. Severity of punishment knew no bounds, the monk was thrown into a dungeon, and died a slow and painful death.

Woman is bricked up in a wall and a piece of bread and a glass of water. Her cries for help no one responded. Many years passed, the White Lady appears in the middle window of the sacristy of the full moon in the middle of August. Good ghost of the White Lady, helping to connect loved ones and brings them happiness. Every year thousands of people come to see her. It's so hard to believe that Lady in White will bring love and happiness.

The history of this town is interesting in and of itself. In 1715, he was visited by Russian Tsar Peter 1 with General Apraksin. The owner of this hospitable home, he appointed the first Russian Haapsalu their mayor. The house where he was staying, has survived to this day. Also survived "the rock of Peter" on a forest road. At this point, the coach turned the king.

The city is also famous for its mud baths and. Regal persons liked to rest here, and in the 19th century it became a famous seaside resort. And now, coming to the White Lady, in the hospital or just the sea, people can relax and believe in the dream.

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