White-red-white flag in honor of Grunwald

Last night on the street in Vitebsk "Truth" waving white-red-white flag.

It was posted around 23.30 on electric wires near the Combine arts. And passers-by could see the flag, who were returning from the concerts "Slavonic Bazaar", or those who simply walking around the city.

According to the Vitebsk opposition leader Boris Khamaida, the flag was attached a note: "To the 600th anniversary of the historic victory at Grunwald. July 15, 1410 GSU ON combined forces of Poland and with the participation of Czech soldiers and Tatar troops crushed the crusaders of the Teutonic Order. Troops led by Grand Duke ON Vytautas. Eternal glory to the heroes! Long live Belarus! lives forever! Myron. "

Khamaida says the contents of the note known to him from sources that you trust. As for flag, he flew over Vitebsk long — in the morning it was gone.

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