Whither the North Pole?


For our planet had a hard time. Previously, the magnetic poles move with a speed of 10 kilometers per year. But over the last five years, this rate increased to 40 kilometers per year. The faster they move, the more weaker magnetic field, which threatens serious trouble. For example, can begin interfere with cellular, radio and satellite communication devices to malfunction, oriented to the magnetic poles — navigation systems of ships and aircraft. Hard to have and migratory animals. After all, they are used to navigate along magnetic field lines of the earth.

Now, the north magnetic pole is located in Canada. After a while, he may move to Russia. But it scares scientists speed. At this rate, the poles can and do change places. This is confirmed by the fact that over the last 100 years has fallen napryazhennost magnetic field.

If the poles reach the equator, the total magnetic field of the earth will be reduced to zero.

So, our planet will lose magnetic sheath, which protects it from cosmic radiation. However, the Earth is not happening again. 700,000 years ago, the pole has changed. But these changes each time led to the destruction of the biosphere and the atmosphere. Life on our planet is not time to start anew. Can we consider the movement of the north magnetic pole of the beginning of a new "reverse"? Accurately answer this question, scientists will not be soon. For now just have to watch and do the calculations.

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