Who are the elves?

In many fairy tales say about the wonderful elves that differ fragile physique, short stature, long ears pointed shape. The main difference between the elves are magical abilities. Were there really elves? Who are they?

In the annals of an ancient monastery is told that in the XV century in the mountainous region of Scotland, people have found a man who was dying of his wounds. The man spoke in an unknown language. He was weak and thin. After the doctors were able to cure him, the man surprised skill in archery and fencing. The stranger did not make mistakes! Soon he was able to learn the language. That's when he said that he belongs to the people of the Elves, who lives very far away. It is important to note that the guy had pointed ears, like a real elf. However, the people who lived in the Middle Ages, were confident that this is a sign of belonging to those who serve the devil.

You can also explore the family chronicle Norway, which tells the story of how in the XVI century, the young girl became the wife of a high and handsome guy who was the representative of the elves. The boy showed amazing abilities in archery. Man subjected to persecution because of envy. A man could be the father of two beautiful daughters, who also had pointed ears. By the way, feel like an elf pomzhno playing flash games for children about the Elf on the site arcades.com.ua.

It is important to note that many nations for centuries describe elves almost the same. If all of the records were compiled correctly, thanks to them you can find out what actually were the elves.

Most people met with the elves from the twelfth to the sixteenth century. On the basis of examination of information put forward two versions. According to the first hypothesis, the elves — they are human beings with additional genes. Thanks to the special genes off they develop paranormal abilities. A second hypothesis, the elves — are creatures that can come from a parallel world into ours.

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