Who are the people that deal with the U.S. space program?

Who are the people that deal with the U.S. space program? Why is the topic of space exploration so many seemingly obvious questions, shrouded in silence?

A former adviser to the National Aeronautics and Space Richard Hoagland:

"All of us for decades taught that HACA -« transparent »scientific agency. In fact, this is the real defense organization, pursuing secret political agenda.

Certainly, before the publication of "Dark Mission" and our other books, most of my fellow citizens had no idea about anything like that. Now, after our investigation, information that numerous members of the HACA, standing at its source, were Freemasons, Nazis and mystics and have a direct impact on the U.S. space program can be found on the Internet. There was a lot of our followers, enthusiasts. Among them are serious scholars and historians.

Again I say: who wants to — that all the checks himself. Each action has a background of HACA. Starting from the date of launch rockets to the choice of coordinates landing ship.

By the way, we dare to suggest that President Kennedy was killed just because of the space program. He made a fantastic offer to Khrushchev — send a joint expedition to the moon, and when he was ready to accept, Kennedy was shot. Could not be allowed to have someone other than the Americans captured the lunar artifacts — in HACA aware of what awaits astronauts to Earth's satellite.

Inquire from Russian researchers initiated a sensational fact Kennedy was not lost.

People today, in the XXI century, when films about aliens are part of our everyday lives, are not ready to know that in the universe we are not alone after all. The fact that the disclosure of this information will inevitably lead to mass unrest.

It is also fraught with problems absolutely monstrous on religious and ideological grounds. Could God — how to describe it — to create "his own image and likeness" of not only the people? And in general, both in the context of world religions accept representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence? Who are they — Muslims, Christians and Jews? Why settlements on the Moon and Mars look "abandoned" or "destroyed by natural disasters", what happened to this civilization, and why? Where its members live now? In short, the problem is still the same.

And here is another interesting fact. Astronauts "Apollo" rarely gave interviews, reluctantly they do today. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, the hero of planetary scale, did not vying to share their experiences. As so, why? We believe it all From togo that he did not want to further wallow in lies and to follow the dictation of NASA.

During his rare public appearances Armstrong as his "lunar" colleagues, always trying to make some kind of hint. In youtube you can find it on the Nile celebrating the anniversary of the moon landing. There, he says, that space is fraught with mystery "beyond our understanding" and these amazing things reveal their essence only to those who will be able to remove the "protective veil over the truth."

And the fact that all the mission, "Apollo" was accompanied by an unusual flying objects — is, in principle, is not news. "

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