Why in the High River stinks cheese?


The smell from the river Pulva in Kamenetz's bad. Shown in water and the precipitate was similar to cotton. Residents of High argue that a local cheese factory merges their wastes into the river. The plant management "Belovezhskie cheeses" and executive committee officials are convinced that people make mistakes, no waste water does not drain.

A resident of High Ruslan says that the plant merges their wastes into the river more than a year. Against this background, there was a scandal, is busy with officials from the highest authorities. Treatment plants are quite expensive, the plant saved on it. Ruslanova on him, the first in This year, emissions from the plant was still winter. When the ice is gone, the locals have seen in the water any substance:

"Generally, they poured into the water serum. It turns into sliz. Moreover, this can be seen with the naked eye, like cotton floating in the water. It does not even have to spend some expertise."

Where the settlers built the plant, even hedgehogs die …

The water is bad. Even before the weekend it was not, and now I even get to the river can not be said Ruslan. Fish swim in the river in the main floor, apparently the whole pack. In the river is not enough oxygen:

"Yes, the smell of the river is very unpleasant. Generally, where settlers built the plant, even hedgehogs die."

Chief Engineer "Belovezhskie cheeses" says that during the last year the company has spent about 600 million rubles to the treatment plant. Therefore, the fact of discharge of waste is virtually eliminated:

"Serum we were transported to farms. A used water from the plant goes to the treatment plant. Clear that the smell comes from there. Indeed, the fact of leaks — it's impossible. But attention to the call we will review the situation and take a walk. But every day We performed an automatic pumping of water used. "

In the Committee of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Brest Regional Executive Committee fact discharge of waste from the plant rule. It smells of sewage treatment plants — they are open. Yes Also in the last few days established heat. And it only contributes to the emergence and spread of odors. In this case, officials say that even last year, when emissions have indeed been observed in the river water used, no harm was done to the environment:

"The waste water from the plant into the river came through marshland and lost there. So much harm to the nature of waste is not applied."

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